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Positano, Italy

Lots of early mornings this weekend but it was necessary to experience the most of Positano in one day.

So we woke up early and hopped on a few buses. When I tell you I though we were going to roll off of a cliff into the ocean, I am not exaggerating. The buses came so close to all of the cliff edges around Positano and made small Italian roads look even smaller as they made three and five point turns around every bend.

At one point we even got stuck since a car was trying to go up when we were going down. Let me just say that the side mirror might’ve needed some fixing after that.

ANYWAY. Arriving by bus gave us the most beautiful views of the ocean, and of Positano from above.

Walking down toward the beach we walked under the most magical greenery covered walkway that gave me the feeling of being in a magical world.

Along this walkway I also picked up a silver ring with a cute little moonstone in it! Just a little something to remember Positano by. I always am looking for things to bring home from everyplace I travel.

For breakfast, since we were ready to chow down on a plate of food, we found a little place with a view of the water called Capricci. We ordered our meals and my friend ordered bacon thinking she was going to get a little side. But no. She got a huge plate that was full of bacon, just as big as what our meals came on. It was what she wanted… and more so we helped her finish it.

From the water, you see the amazing hillside covered with buildings. It almost looks as if it will never end. Perfect for a little exercise before lounging on the beach. This was exactly what we did before getting a chair and relaxing. Since Positano is known for their lemons, I bought a couple of bottles of limoncello to bring back to the states.

I also picked up a few watercolor post cards to send back to family.













Then it was time to chill. My friends and I decided to buck up and pay for lounge chairs on the beach. Since I am so fair it was important to me to not get too much sun. No one looks good with a bright red burn now and wrinkles later on in life.

I fully embraced the natural hair this since we were swimming in the ocean every day, and it was awesome. Before snoozing for a little we had a daiquiri to keep us cool. It was a hotter day for sure and the rock sand was burning our feet going back and forth to the ocean! Birkenstocks, necessary.

xx, Chandler

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