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Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii

To finish up our long weekend in Capri and Positano, we headed up to the area of Naples to go to two places. One, Mount Vesuvius and two, Pompeii. We decided not to hike up to the top of Vesuvius and I am so glad we did. When we got up there it was so foggy. We couldn’t even see trees 10 yards away and on top of that, it was raining and then all of a sudden it started hailing. Note: the weather on the way up was fine, Vesuvius just seemed to have weather of its own.

So after hanging out there, drinking a coffee to stay warm since none of us brought jackets on this “warm” weekend, the groups who did want to hike came back and we started heading back to the buses in the pouring rain. There were rivers of water running rapidly down the hills.

We got in the buses and headed straight for our next destination: Pompeii.

We grabbed a quick lunch and then started on our adventure around Pompeii. We decided not to do a tour, and actually I wish we had. The main reason being that when you’re walking around it is all walls of rock with no front and a grassy patch in the middle. A tour guide would’ve been able to give us more information on all the cool history of Pompeii.

Walking around ancient ruins was super cool. Really unlike anything I had ever seen or done before and it was the perfect way to end our weekend.


xx, Chandler

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