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Beer Fest in Stuttgart, Germany

Let me tell you, a beer fest is a place I usually would never be found. I have found close to zero beers that I actually would drink, and if I have (which I did in Brussels, Belgium) they are fruity and taste like candy or juice. Honestly.

Beer and me have never been a thing, in a relationship, or really even an acquaintance. So Chandler at a beer fest? No it would never happen. It would be the last place I would go or be found in the world. But there is one exception… going to a beer fest to celebrate one of my best friend’s 21st birthday… then yes, I would go to a beer fest.

So we did a whirlwind weekend in Stuttgart, Germany to go to the beer fest there. It is actually bigger than the one in Munich!

We did a lot of learning in the moment, like how not many people speak English, how we kind of needed wristbands to get into the big tent we first went to, but we lucked out on that one and bought two off of some guy outside who’s friends couldn’t go.

So we drank the big beers and loved the half chicken. We found a table to sit at and listened to the live music sing German music we had never heard of before and took it all in.

After a full day with lots of people, smoke filled tents and beer, we called it a day and headed back to our hotel.

The next morning we headed out to the main area with a bunch of shopping in Stuttgart… and every shop was closed. Besides Starbucks! So starbucks was a necessity. We were missing cold coffee drinks. So a PSL for me and a hazelnut latte for Sarah.

We looked up why everything was closed. Apparently it is a law for everything to be closed on Sunday (besides some restaurants) in Germany!! Good to know right! Well now you know if you ever want to go to Germany.

But at least our breakfast spot we chose was open. Thank goodness. The place we went was called Deli -food.bar.music.- and we both ordered the english breakfast. So filling. We both also ordered cappuccinos (a staple) and I also ordered a mimosa! There was also an adorable coffee shop off to the side on our way to the restaurant. Looking back I wish we would’ve stopped for another caffeine break, but that can be for another time.

After breakfast, and walking around a little more, we decided to head to the station to hitch a ride to the airport!

xx, Chandler

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