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3 Jordan Samuel Skin Lusts

You might not have heard about Jordan Samuel Skin but skin junkies know his line, love his knowledge about skin that he shows through his youtube videos, and are in love with his products because THEY WORK.

This post by Amelia Says really made me look into the products and pick out 3 that I am going to buy!

A little note: Sadly I haven’t tried his line YET but it will be one of the first things I order once I get home around Christmas time. So why not share with you the products I am lusting over, and why.

1.The EtOILe with Retinol Facial Oil // If you want a more in depth look at Retinol, check out this post. But as a brief recap: Retinols are known best for decreasing fine lines, evening skin color, improving texture, tightening pores, stimulates blood flow, increases collagen production and speeds up cell turnover so all of those changes can happen. (Yes there are side effects, and it is best to find the right retinol product for you.) So if you read this post and this post, you would know I love face oils! And I have been wanting to try Retinol out as well and this oil has 0.2% retinol in it which is perfect as an introduction. 2 products combined into 1 doesn’t get better than this.

2. The Aftershow Treatment Cleanser // This cleanser is a gel to oil cleanser that is made of all goodness. Oils remove makeup and sugarcane, apple and willowbark extracts give you a gentle but complete exfoliation. Basically this combination leaves the skin, hydrated, exfoliated, and healthy. I would use this as my first cleanse, or maybe only cleanse on those lazier nights.

3. The Hydrate Facial Serum // Lastly, a hydrating serum. Yes, I do have combination oily skin, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use a hydrating serum or need one (especially during the fall and winter months). This particular serum has hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and cucumber, passion flower and tamarind extracts, which together will give you that beautiful, healthy, dewy, glow. (Which is all I want during the winter.) I do love this one from Glossier, but I’m always looking to try new things.

Also! Make Sure to check out his Youtube Videos! So so knowledgeable and he just gets it.

Have you heard of Jordan Samuel Skin? Tried out any of their products? Want to? Let me know below!

xx, Chandler

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