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October Favorites

WOW. Goodbye October. October has literally flown by and now it is November. (AKA the second best month of the year because it is when it is acceptable, by some people, to listen to Christmas music.) I am already so excited for Christmas (I know it is early) but I have some exciting things planned for the season and lots of posts going up on my travels here in Italy!

So a little recap of this past month (the big shit):

I went to Brussels! And at all different types of waffles and got our first taste of colder weather! That post will be up soon.

Next, we had midterms and our fall break. Midterms wasn’t total hell but closer to it than not. Right after my last midterm, my roommate and I ran to the train station and headed to Rome to fly out of that airport to Paris! Next up was Geneva, and then we ended our week in Amsterdam. Those will be up soon during November and December! (Update on wifi: still sucks.)

So instead of just taking photos and writing, which is a classic, I decided to go back to filming a video or two, so why not start now? (Also make sure to amp up the video quality to 720!)

xx, Chandler

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