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Paris: Part Un



Paris has been on the top of my list to visit for forever. When I was younger I had birthday parties based around Paris. One was a cooking school in Paris and my Dad, the ‘pilot’ flew us to Paris for a cooking class to learn to make little cakes and we were able to go shopping afterwords.

No joke, I even think this birthday party was published somewhere. So cool of my Mom and my Aunts that made it happen. ANWAY. Paris.

We woke up after a late flight in and started our day off walking. We walked through the Luxembourg Gardens to Saint Sulpice Church.

We passed the Luxembourg Palace which was actually a residence for Marie de’Medici back in the day, but now it is a government building.

The Saint Sulpice church is super cool and is the second largest church in Paris. It went through several stages of construction, followed by demolitions and reconstructions and the towers still don’t match to this day.

Next we crossed La Seine to look at the locks at Point Neuf. We walked along the water and into the island to see Saint Chapelle, and the Conciergerie. We also stumbled across a cute garden market and picked up some lavender, and a few gifts for family.

Right before fall break Sarah and I were obsessed with lavender pillows so we decided to try to create our own. Also the Lush Sleepy lotion may have played a role as well. We love it. It sits on both of our night stands.

After walking farther down the Ile de la Cite, we looked for the Sainte-Chapelle. Sarah’s family friend Clare was showing us around to all of the sights, and Sainte-Chapelle was on her list. Right next door (basically) was the Conciergerie that had beautiful gold details.

Back along the river, Clare directed us to our next destination. In my opinion we found the Notre Dame Cathedral since it seemed to appear out of nowhere and it was absolutely beautiful. Sadly we didn’t go inside.

Back across La Seine we walked around to the front of the Hotel de Ville, which in fact is not an actual hotel!! It tripped me up the first time but it is actually the city hall. The Hotel de Ville was super intricate and amazing.

After we walked to the Centre Georges Pompidou. Sarah really wanted to go in, but the line went all the way to the street. The Pompidou was something I learned about while taking french and is unlike any other building in Paris. We stopped for lunch somewhere near the Pompidou and I got a croque monsieur and a side salad. But really the star of the show (not actually but in the moment when it arrived at our table) was cranberry juice. Honestly you don’t think it is a luxury to drink cranberry juice but in Italy, there is basically no such thing except at bars.

Finally, the Louvre Museum. It is more grande than I ever thought it would be.

I am so glad we didn’t go in the Louvre because I would’ve been so so so overwhelmed. But we walked around the outside and admired all of the structural beauty.

Sarah and I spent a decent amount of time taking photos because there was so much to photograph and see! Especially all along this one area. I couldn’t even wrap my head around the idea that this was where someone lived. And then on top of that, that it wasn’t good enough so they had another place built!

Along the same strip was the Place du Carrousel, many unique pieces of art, and the Place du Concorde.

After our adventures to the Louvre, we hopped on the metro to go check out the catacombs. After deciding to give up on the line (Sarah gave it 15 minutes and called it quits) and we were off to go to the Eiffel Tour!

But no first day in Paris is complete without a classic French cocktail called Kir Royale. It basically is Champagne, and Cointreau. (There are different recipes for it online, but this is the most authentic way to make a Kir Royale.)

Clare told us that this was an exceptional version of the cocktail. Will be ordering this more often. It was delicious!

The Eiffel Tower was everything I could’ve dreamed and hoped for. It was amazing.

The structure, detail, and overall grandness of the Eiffel Tower didn’t disappoint. So we ended up taking probably too many photos while dodging people selling plastic towers that could fit in your pocket or bubbly for the love birds, or people who just need a drink.

We walked down to La Seine, and bought tickets for a river cruise at sunset and while we waited we enjoyed hot nutella crepes.

All of the buildings that Clare had pointed out or told us about while walking around looked even more beautiful in the golden hour. Paris just seemed to glow.

After our river tour we desperately needed to get inside so we grabbed dinner on the water near the base of the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky enough to be there when it started to sparkle!

Paris Day 1 was absolutely amazing and everything I could’ve asked for.

xx, Chandler

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