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Honey + Skincare

Honey has been on my mind ever since I bought and talked about my Gisou Honey Hair Oil and since I have been masking with my Bunny Moon Lush Mask.

Maybe even a little before that, when my esthetician told me about all of the benefits of honey… and I vaguely remember she might be making  product including it..? Don’t quote me on that, but you get the point.

Honey seems to be popping up everywhere in the skincare world recently. Skincare accounts I follow post about honey essences and masks, videos I watch, about honey masks on the market, and when talking about making a DIY Mask, include honey, and now I am wanting to try more honey products. Now.

So first, the benefits of honey for your skin, and then after, products I am lusting over that include this liquid gold.

1. Honey is a natural humectant which means its draws moisture from the air into the skin. (Same for the hair.) This also means it is retained in the layers of your skin that need it most for long lasting hydration. This can also be helpful when you get a little too much sun and get burnt as it will help repair your skin and rehydrate it.

2.Honey’s antioxidants help repair skin and protect it against environmental damage.

3. Enzymes in Honey. Raw honey has enzymes that clarifies skin.

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5. Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic so it prevents bacterial buildup from occurring. So instead of breaking out, honey will help keep your skin clear.

6. Honey has antioxidants, enzymes (like mentioned in 2), and other nutrients that nourishes, cleanses and hydrates skin.

7. Honey is antibacterial and is antifungal so you are less likely to breakout, and it is anti inflammatory so it will help with redness.

8. Since honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it helps slowly decrease the appearence of scars (that I know I get from acne) and increases healing and tissue regeneration.

9. The natural antioxidants in honey helps keep skin look glowy, healthy and youthful since it helps fight signs of aging.

Lastly: Propolis. (Used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in a bee hive.) Propolis balances, heals and soothes skin, especially if it is breaking out or going through other skin extremes (dryness etc.). Propolis is antiseptic so it prevents breakouts, but it also accelerates the rate that cells grow and decongests pores.

And now for products that I am lusting over!

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Have you tried any honey products? Let me know!

xx, Chandler


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