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101 in 1001: Update 6

And with these accomplishments to my 101 in 1001 I am officially over halfway complete with my list!!! So exciting!

25. Post 200 blog posts // I can’t believe I actually passed the 200 blog post mark! So crazy to think I have written that many posts.

36. Buy something nice for myself for a special occasion // I purchased my Honey Hair Oil for my birthday! Not necessarily super nice, but for hair oil standards, I would consider this purchase up there. Read the post I did on it here. (Hint: It is so worth it.)

60. Buy something for quality not quantity // I bought some leather goods… Purse, card holder, wallet, backpack, boots… AND they will last forever! I highly recommend buying leather in Florence. Some shops offer really good deals for students.

67. Take a cooking class // My school abroad, Lorenzo De’ Medici Institute, offers so so so many activities every month. Most of them are free, and they offer so many cooking classes!

78. Improve my constant over packing problems // When I was packing for my semester abroad, I only packed 1 checked bag and 1 carry on bag. For a WHOLE semester. I was so proud of this accomplishment.

90. Post 25 posts with pictures of me (to get out of my comfort zone) // Kind of a random goal, I know, but I never really planned on putting myself out there by even publicly announcing my blog, and here we are, so the next step would be to put myself on my blog, I guess. Not sure what the next step will be!

93. Learn at least a little bit of any language, and use it! // While abroad, we have to take Italian. Florence is really good about knowing English but the locals here appreciate when you use Italian so, I use Italian as much as I can! Usually I use it when ordering my daily coffee, occasional croissant and meals out.

xx, Chandler

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