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Paris: Part Deux

Day 2 in Paris might be my favorite if I had to pick 1. The food was amazing, the sights were beautiful, and the shopping aspect was a success for ourselves and for Christmas presents to bring home.

Today we worked our way up to Monmarte. 3 metro trains an a walk up a hill later and we made it to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. This church was really unlike any other church and completely different from the few we saw on our day 1 in Paris.

For Brunch, right passed the Basilica on the right is an adorable brunch spot that you HAVE to go to when in Paris.

It is called The Hardware Societe and their food, coffee and sweets were simply divine.

Sarah, Clare and I all had a flat white, which is apparently a cappuccino with two shots of espresso (aka Sarah and my daily drink) and it came with this delicious little doughnut hole-esque sweet treat on the side. For breakfast we both got the Oeuf Cocotte Deux. It was basically chorizo, eggs, potato, piquillo peppers, all cooked together in this little cast iron bowl and topped with almonds and aioli. Seriously on the list of top breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Clare had the Champignons Grilles (aka Grilled Mushrooms) which was this amazing mushroom egg dish with sage creme fraiche and olive bread. She said it was divine and wanted another plate.

We ordered another round of Flat Whites for the caffeine and the doughnut things and Clare tried to get a bag of the little round sugared dough things to go. They said no unfortunately.

After breakfast we walked through this little square in Monmarte filled with art and artists wanting to draw you. Different than the leather handbag sellers in Italy, but still same idea. We walked around the square a few times trying to decide if we wanted to buy anything and then we went off to find the Moulin in Monmarte.

After an amazing morning in Monmarte, it was off to find the indoor shopping passageways of Paris! Here is more information about these passageways. These passageways are exceptionally great because it is off the beaten path for tourists.

I found a cute photography shop, so I picked up some prints from Paris back in the 19th and 20th century.

But after buses to the passageways, and walking around in circles trying to find them, we were hungry, so we stopped at Bisous Creperie in one of these passages.

It is an adorable creperie filled with locals and fantastic food. We all split a bottle of Cider that was really perfect with lunch. Clare ordered the Bella Ragazza crepe that was filled with burrata, mushrooms, truffle cream, and spinach. For dessert she ordered a crepe with caramel.

Sarah and I both ordered the Ave Caesar crepe which was so so so delicious. It has corn-flake battered chicken, hazelnuts, pistachios, cherry tomatoes, spinach, parmesan and a bit of caesar dressing. For dessert we shared a simple yet delicious strawberry crepe with sugar.

This specific passage way is the Galerie Vivienne. The more high end passage way of all of them. This one has many antique clothing stores and designer vintage shops!

Also it is the most beautiful one we walked through in my opinion.

Through this passageway we ended up almost right in the Jardin du Palais Royale.

Since it was on my hit list, we stopped at the concept store called Colette. It is on the Rue Saint-Honore and just a block off of the Tuileries Garden. The reason why here? Glossier was conveniently having a little pop up at Colette through December! (Thank god.) It was so crazy busy in Colette, it was overwhelming. But I was on a mission.

If you’re wanting Glossier and want to stop by Colette, just know it is upstairs to the right once you get on the 2nd floor and down in their little beauty space.

I picked up a new bottle Milky Jelly Cleanser, 2 jars of the Priming Moisturizer Rich, a new Boy Brow and the Generation G in Jam.

After shopping, we went back to our apartment for some much needed down time. We went out for dinner close to our apartment and called it a night!

xx, Chandler

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