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Glossier in Paris

Glossier’s pop up shop in Paris saved my skin, and my wallet. Honestly.

So here is what I picked up while in Paris and why:

Milky Jelly Cleanser: Just read this post here first…. and then continue reading. Milky Jelly is able to take off all of my makeup, is a conditioning cleanser that cleans my skin but doesn’t strip my skin of any moisture. For me, I have issues going back to ordinary cleansers because my skin feels tight and dry. Before using milky jelly I actually liked that feeling and found Milky Jelly really weird at first and I didn’t like it. But after using the whole bottle I realized that my skin condition improved, I was less try, my oily skin wasn’t made worse and actually it was better. I will always use this cleanser, it is a staple and I have purchased bottle after bottle of this stuff. It really is that good. I HIGHLY recommend you try this product if you haven’t.

Boy Brow: This product is the second product I highly recommend you try from Glossier! I really only use this on my eyebrows nowadays. Since I haven’t had my eyebrows cleaned up since August… (I know) I have really been embracing the natural brow look. Filling them in is just too much somedays. I even use the clear when I do want to fill them in if I am going for more of a bold brow and don’t want to add color. I purchased another bottle of this since I had used one bottle, was on my second, and I knew it wasn’t going to last through December. (I also just picked up the boy brow in the shade brown from their 20% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend! I have naturally darker eyebrows for my blonde hair so why not give it a shot?)If you want 20% off your order, it would be so cool if you used my rep page since I am a Glossier rep! You don’t have to, and yes I make very minimal commission from it, but it helps me keep blogging! Just wanting to be transparent.

Anyway back to what I bought… myself… with my own money. Because yes, it is worth it. Skin is in. Invest in your skin.

Priming Moisturizer Rich: I bought 2!!! I love the Priming Moisturizer Rich for the winter months! Even oily skin people need to hydrate their skin. It does have a faint scent of lavender, if you are sensitive to scents, but my skin loves this stuff. It is super luxurious and … rich… and really hydrates my skin. I only need a little bit so the jar goes a long way. Sometimes I add extra when it’s super cold or put it on in the morning as well. Treat your skin right.

Generation G in Jam: I love the Generation G lipsticks especially in the winter. They are less drying than a matte lipstick and have king of a tinted lip balm / more sheer lipstick when it first goes on but you can easily build it up. I like a more soft lip line so I smudge this with my fingers. Super easy to work with and perfect for eating and drinking since it fades better than having butthole lips with a liquid lipstick. I find liquid lipsticks are not fun to layer up after you eat food. I will say that the packaging isn’t my favorite on the Generation Gs. I like the white packaging, but I’ve noticed that the cap cracks and falls off in my bag and just doesn’t stay on as well. Note: this may be because I have dropped it or maybe it was under something heavy in my bag, but that shouldn’t break it. Leo and Cake are great nudes and I am loving layering Zip and Jam together to create a berry red.

Make sure to follow Glossier on Instagram because they are constantly doing pop up shops all over the world! They have done them in London, Paris, Dallas, Portland (unfortunately I was at school….) and Toronto. They also have a Glossier ‘You’ experience in NYC under their penthouse show room if you’re in the city before the end of the year! Also Glossier will be in stores in Colette until December 20th if you are wanting to stock up in Paris.

xx, Chandler

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