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SB Christmas Playlist 2017

My favorite time of year is back! And to celebrate I am doing a little thing I am called “Blog-cember”! Basically I am just going to be posting a new blog post every single day for the month! I hope you’re excited!

So for December 1st…

I have been working on this playlist for almost the past month so I really hope you enjoy it! I tried to find new Christmas songs to make it better than last year’s playlist and longer with more artists, songs, and more variation so you don’t get tired of Christmas music (if that is possible). Since Pandora doesn’t exist in Italy, I had to go old school in finding music.

So listen to it below or click here to listen to it!

Also let me know below what your favorite Christmas songs are and by who below!

xx, Chandler

PS Get really REALLY excited for tomorrow’s post!!!!!!


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