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5 Holiday Essentials

So you’re done with school or work for the day, the week, the month, whatever it is, what do you need to have a chill out festive day? 5 things. That’s it. (I mean more is always optional but here are 5 necessities.)

1. Holiday Pajamas. I picked out 4 completely different sets! Two more wide leg sets and two more tapered leg sets. For the wide leg sets, one has cute Boston Terrier puppies on it with antlers and hats and one has champagne (my personal favorite). As for the tapered leg sets, one set has a graphic on the tee saying “naughty nice, both” and the other is more of a classic winter pattern that is used on pajamas. From left to right: Pair 1 // Pair 2 // Pair 3 // Pair 4

2. A mug of course! This one is super cute! But obviously empty mugs aren’t fun so filling it up is a must. My favorites (depending on my mood) are Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Tea (add a bit of sugar to make it taste like a candy cane!) and Eggnog. I love drinking Peppermint Tea with a little sugar all Autumn and Winter (and Spring) so many benefits. Back home we have a system (kind of) for drinking eggnog. When it first comes onto shelves in the store we buy Soy Eggnog. It is really good! And perfect when you want to start drinking eggnog in November and don’t want to be drinking fat, cream and eggs for a month. Then early to mid december we transition to the Lite Eggnog. Not as heavy, but still good. We made eggnog lattes and steamers frequently. (I sometimes even add it to pancakes.) And finally sometimes we go full in just for Christmas Eve and Christmas will the full heavy stuff (while having Soy and Lite Eggnog still in the fridge). We also do the alcoholic version on Christmas Eve and Christmas. A total system but it works! (TMI into our nog system???) This year I want to try out the Califia Almond Nog.

3. Christmas movies!!!!! Some of my favorites include, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Elf, Christmas Vacation, The Holiday and Love Actually. So far this season I have already watched The Holiday!

4. A cozy, soft blanket is a must for cuddling up in front of the fire (maybe?), watching a movie and eating treats. This one is on sale and under $30 and comes in some super cute colors!

5. Lastly a Christmas scented candle never hurt anybody especially during the holiday season. This one smells of Christmas Cake! It has notes of cinnamon, mandarin, and sweet tonka beans. A balsam candle is also a classic.

xx, Chandler

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