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Amsterdam: Part 2

Our 2nd day in Amsterdam, we ate breakfast at Cosy by Mandy’s which was actually the restaurant underneath our Airbnb room.

I ordered a traditional pancake with strawberries (so good) and Sarah ordered an egg breakfast.

After we ate, it was time to hit the road and start walking. We stopped by Bocca Coffee (a place my neighbor from the Netherlands recommended) and had some amazing coffee! They change the coffee they have everyday and Sarah and I fell in love with the Brazil “Fatima” coffee. We both purchased a bag of the coffee to bring home and it was such a good price. Under 10 Euro.

We spent a good amount of the day walking along the Negen Straatjes (aka 9 streets) which are just a bunch of streets filled with shops. So basically we spent the day shopping.

We also walked around the Jordaan neighborhood which was a whole different vibe than the rest of Amsterdam. Even more relaxed and a little more residential.

We grabbed a quick drink at Blu before heading to our tour time at the Anne Frank House.

The Anne Frank House was so surreal. I read her diary back in elementary school and we always talked about her whenever we discussed World War 2 in history class. To see the quarters that they were living in for two years was astounding and I highly, highly suggest you get a ticket to go in.

After the Anne Frank House Museum we made our way over to our reservation at Moeders (aka Mothers) for some classic Dutch food.

Dinner was amazing. I highly recommend the beef stew! We also tried a traditional Dutch appetizer place as an appetizer, a bottle of wine on the side, and had a slice of an apple pie-esque dessert.

After it was back to our Airbnb and to bed so we would be ready for the next day.

xx, Chandler

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