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Top 5 Food Places in Paris

The Hardware Societe


Best Breakfast in Paris, hands down. I know we were only there for a few days, but I did my research, for best brunch spots over all Paris and we went to a few, and this one was the best. All of the menu looked superb and if you can’t decided between a few things, and are with a few people, I would suggest just splitting a couple dishes between all of you! Since I saw one thing that caught my eye, I went for the Ouef Deux. It is a baked little pot filled with chorizo, potatoes, peppers, queso, and topped with toasted almonds and aioli. It also has a couple slices of baguette on the side. I also highly suggest getting a coffee for 1. the coffee (it is amazing) and 2. the little donut popper on the side. Those little things are highly addictive. We ordered a second round of coffees partially for the caffeine but mainly for the little treat that comes with every cup. Note: Unfortunately you cannot buy a bag of these little sugar donut balls… It is truly unfortunate. But our friend Clare got the Roasted Mushrooms and Egg breakfast and she said it was superb.

Bisous Crêperie



Bisous Crêperie is a cute little spot in a hidden, maybe not so well known, set of covered shopping walkways in Paris. It is the cutest little spot that is full of young Parisian locals wanted a delicious bite. They have an array of crepes from savory to sweet and desserts, including ice creams, and salads. I ordered the Ave Caesar which was fantastic. It has cornflake battered chicken, bacon, poached cherry tomatoes, spinach, parmesan and a little bit of caesar dressing. For a dessert crepe I made my own with Strawberries, sugar and a little whipped cream. It was light, fresh and delicious. Our friend Clare got the Bella Ragazza with burrata, suckling pig, mushrooms, truffle cream and spinach. For drinks we ordered a bottle of cider that was served in super long stemmed glasses. Very Olivia Pope from Scandal-esque. I would also say it definitly has a very millennial feel to it. Very cool, very delicious.


Les Bonnes Soeurs

If you are looking into going to Les Bonnes Soeurs for brunch, prepare your stomach for a huge meal that is good and filling! It is a brunch spot that is almost 1 flat rate, for a full multiple course brunch. (We all opted to spend a little more for the benedict that was yummy!) I got an earl grey tea, orange juice, bread and a couple spreads, the benedict, and I opted for an apple pie-esque dessert.



Zia Paris Cafe




This restaurant is truly something special, especially for a dutch baby pancake lover like myself. The food is high quality and absolutely delicious. They also have fantastic coffee. Great coffee is a must have for me. The dutch baby pancakes they serve, sweet and savory, are so unique and I have never come across a concept like Zia Paris Cafe. Maybe something I can attempt (key word attempt) to make at home? Probably will not compare, but the effort will be there.


Holybelly is a super cute restaurant that has an Australian influence, just like The Hardware Societe. But they also take food ideas from France and America. And yet again they have amazing coffee! We drank so much great coffee in Paris and it just made the day go better overall. The vibe of Holybelly is super relaxed and they have all food from savory to sweet. I recommend!

xx, Chandler


Zia Paris, Holybelly and Les Bonnes Soeurs photos used from Pinterest, or Instagram pages.
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