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Glossier for the Holidays

How about we talk about Glossier (briefly)… a brand I totally am behind and love. Their products are rad and work… AND Glossier sets will make the perfect holiday present!

1. Phase 1 Set // The phase 1 set is perfect to try some of Glossier’s first and stable items. Both sets. But the phase 1 is like the skincare set. Milky Jelly Cleanser (my ultimate favorite), Priming Moisturizer (a great everyday moisturizer especially during the fall and winter), and lastly the Balm Dotcom (fave flavors are birthday cake, coconut and cherry). Save $12 with the set.

2. Phase 2 Set // The phase 2 set is like the makeup set. You have set one, used it on your skin to prep for makeup, cleanse, moisturize both skin and lips, and now you are onto makeup. The boy brow is great by itself or overtop of a pencil, powder, or pomade. Stretch concealer is great as a concealer or sometimes when I don’t want to put on foundation I just focus on doing a light layer in the middle of my face and call it a day. So image that you used the phase 1 set and so your lips are moisturized and ready for lipstick. I love the sheer, yet buildable, Generation G lipstick. My favorite shades are Cake and Leo for a nude shade and Zip and Jam for color. Save $12 with the set.

3. Balm Dot Com Trio // I ordered one of these trios for myself on Black Friday! I added the Original, Birthday and Mint. My favorite flavors are Cherry, for the added color and scent (and I don’t usually like Cherry), Coconut, and Birthday Cake. Coconut is just a clear balm and Birthday Cake has pretty sparkles in it and smells exactly like cake. You can put on your cake and taste it too? Maybe? No? Save $6 with the trio.

4. Glossier ‘You’ // I am so excited to smell Glossier ‘You’ and from all that I’ve read and heard about the perfume, it blends with you beautifully and blends with your own personal scent. I have heard it isn’t very strong, but that you will find you will pick it up at random points of the day. I am excited to smell it soon!

5. Cloud Paint Quad // I love the cloud paints!!! I own all 4 and I with this bundle was available when I was buying them because you can save money. My favorite colors, from favorite to least favorite, are Dusk, Puff, Beam, and Haze. Beam and Puff are equal in my books, and Haze is only lower because I am fair. It is a great color for flushed cheeks in the winter time. Save $17 with the quad.

6. Body Hero Duo // I ordered this set for myself and am so excited to open the box! Everything I have heard are positive about the duo and is perfect for hydrating yo’ bod during these dry cold winter months. Save $5 with the duo.

7. Mask Duo // Both of the masks can do wonders especially for any skin type. The detoxing clay mask, is great to clear skin and pull out impurities. The moisturizing mask, on the other hand, is awesome to rehydrate your skin during the cold winter months. I personally love to multi mask with both. Detox my t-zone and hydrate the rest of my face. Totally perfect for any season and I always follow up with the Priming Moisturizer Rich. Save $5 with the duo.

8. Haloscope + Boybrow Duo // 2 of my everyday products, in one duo. I use the boy brow everyday and I own all of the halo scopes. They just really are that good. My eyebrows have never looked better than with the boy brow and the halo scopes make your skin glow and look beautiful. Save $8 with the duo bundle.

I also am a Glossier rep! You can shop through my rep page and get 20% off and free shipping over $30!

xx, Chandler

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