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Florence Christmas Market

Christmas in Florence. Think lights, a big Christmas market outside of the Santa Croce church, lights strung across every street (in the city center) restaurants putting up lights, trees, decorations, window displays are added to store fronts among the shopping streets and German food vendors who also serve hot mulled wine.

After numerous trips to the market since its opening, countless mulled wines have been purchased, along with multiple cheese wedges and a food bit here and there. German sausage and little dutch pancakes.

Not only food vendors line up in rows in the piazza but vendors selling hats, gloves, lavender, candies, pastries, and other artisans. Truly it is a wonderful place to be during the Christmas time.

I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in Florence.

My roommate and I also stopped by a neighboring town’s Christmas market in the town of Signa. That one was cute, but more homemade and perfect for children.

xx, Chandler


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