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Amsterdam: Part 3

Today started rough… I woke up at 5 am (went to bed at 2), tossed, turned, restless, exhausted, needing sleep. So I left our Airbnb and went to go sit by the canal and watch the sunrise… which didn’t happen when I thought it would. So at around 7 I ended up calling my parents of FaceTime until a place with coffee opened up.

So I went to Boca Coffee again, enjoyed a coffee (or two) before going back to the Airbnb so we could head off to get breakfast.

We decided that we HAD to go to Bakers and Roasters again for the French Toast, so we did!

After breakfast we walked through Vondel Park after wandering around to another coffee shop (I was really in need of caffeine this day obvi) and we also stopped into a jewelry store and I purchased a ring.

For dinner, after I took the longest nap but best nap ever, we went to Cut throat which is this cool barbershop / bar. They had amazing drinks and some pretty comforting food as well! You have to go!!!

After dinner we walked through the Red Light District, where you cannot take photos, and then walked through the cannabis museum before I made us go back to our Airbnb so I could sleep!

xx, Chandler


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