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I’m Feeling 22

A few days ago I turned 22…

And it was a nice and chilled out birthday. Exactly what I wanted and perfect for right before finals start. (Perks of having a birthday in the early to mid part of December?)

So I slept in and then started to get ready for the day! My roommates and I decided we were going to go to Le Vespe for brunch and wow was it amazing. Also there was near perfect weather on my birthday! Sunny, 42 degrees, but right in the middle of a rain streak in Florence. Perfect.

Anyway at Le Vespe we waited for a bit before getting a table but when we got in, all the food looked so amazing and it smelled delicious. There were so many items that caught our eyes on the menu from “The Logan” aka breakfast burrito to the grilled cheese to the BLT that was called “The Bloor”.

I went for “The Logan” aka a breakfast burrito. It came with a really great side salad (I love side salads with savory breakfasts) and absolutely delicious breakfast potatoes. I have no idea what they seasoned the potatoes with, but they were fantastic. I also got a flat white and a strawberry mimosa. So so good. I opted for a strawberry mimosa, because why not? And I loved that it wasn’t syrup-y strawberry, you could tell it was fresh muddled strawberry.

After breakfast we were all wanting to go back to get more. (Note: I would suggest you to go earlier than later to Le Vespe because the wait gets really long.)

Leaving Le Vespe, we were in the perfect spot to just walk really quick to the Christmas Market (yes again). It is only 1 block off of Piazza Santa Croce where the market is held, so we went to see if this one stand toward the back, had apple cider! And they did!!! I was so excited because every single time I’ve gone, they didn’t, and they finally did. Add an extra shot of rum or amaretto for a little extra warmth during a cold day.

We walked back to the infamous cheese stand where they have the most rich delightful cheeses. I am a huge huge fan of their vintage cheddar and their black pepper, garlic cheddar. I bought both for my birthday night so we could have a killer cheese board!

After the market we stopped by our favorite bar in Florence, Off The Hook. They super cheap prosecco (3 euro) and the best chicken nuggets in Florence. Whenever we stop by, and the owner is there (his name is Paolo) we get free fries and sometimes free drinks. Most common is free prosecco when we sit down. They brought us fries on my birthday, and Paolo makes the most beautiful drinks that are also tasty and have a good amount of alcohol in them as well.

After a round of drinks and fries with garlic aioli (that we didn’t order since we were stuffed from breakfast but still finished) we walked home and made a stop at Kiko cosmetics, Sephora and our favorite leather store, Massimo Leather.

I picked up a few Kiko goodies and then we moved onto Sephora. At Massimo’s I picked up a little birthday present for myself (even though I fell in love with a purse) I just walked away with a little card holder.

I am definitely going to stop by Massimo’s when he is a little less busy since he said he had a birthday present for me! He and I just click, I guess. He says its because he loves Sagittarius’s. He is seriously the best and gives such a good deal to students. Tell him Chandler sends you if you go! He is located around the corner from the leather market near the San Lorenzo Piazza.

Then we had to print a few photos for a final and when we got home it was down to business. Christmas movie purchasing, cheese plate assembling, living room bed setting-up-ing and of course, bubbly popping.

It was such a chill night, I loved it. We watched Elf and Home Alone, (two classics).

Check out Vlogmas Day 9 below to see a little bit of what I did on my birthday!

xx, Chandler

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