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10 Winter Whites Under $200

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The other color, besides black (a classic if you ask me, can’t go wrong) of my two color wardrobe: White. Especially white shoes, really when it comes to sneakers. But I also live in white tees.

I think my love for white clothing has always been there. And maybe she just helped me realize that white clothing is my thing, or her comment pushed me to live in white, but my manager and family friend told me that I looked good in white. (Maybe because it is one of the only paler things than my skin.) So I found myself trying out more white in my closet all around, not just white tees.

White is just such a clean color, and I love it. Not so much when I’m eating pasta, but I make it work. While in Italy, I have been wearing a couple white tees to death. I love this one from Lululemon (yes I wear it with everyday clothes too), this v-neck and this long sleeve ribbed one. All completely different, all white.

I also love my white Alo Yoga pants, and white sneakers, this pair is more causal and this pair is more athletic / athleisure. If you’re wanting to figure out what basic white tees are worth it, this post and video helped me find new brands, figure out qualities of cotton, and there are tees in all price points from these brands. Super killer quality tees.

Please let me know of any white staples you can’t live without! I always all for adding in new pieces.

xx, Chandler

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