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Top 5 Food Places in Amsterdam

Bakers and Roasters

 At Bakers and Roasters I honestly had one of the best breakfasts ever. Like in my life ever. I think it is a must go to when in Amsterdam. The DIY mimosa is worth it. You get from 2 and a half to 3 mimosas out of it and it was delicious. The slower pace of the restaurant makes you take a step back from a busy day or busy life and just hang out. But the restaraunt isn’t necessarily quiet. I would consider it a constant buzz of conversation, milk steamers frothing and a plate clatter every now and then.









If you do go, you HAVE to get the Banana Bread French Toast. It is delicious, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and that is why we went back a second time. For the french toast. The coffee is also great quality and I say that after being in Italy for the past 3 months where coffee is a religion. The place is very vibrant from the people to the decor and the food as well. Please go!


The Chelsea Market of Amsterdam is Foodhallen. Maybe if you’re from Portland, it is also the same concept as Pine Street Market. Basically a bunch of food vendors under 1 roof. I think I scored and got the best meal from Fento. They also had burgers, ramen, sausages, beer, seafood, you name it. As I said I went to Fento and I got a ginger shot (I needed a good cleanse) and their Chicken Nachos. The nachos were fantastic! It was everything I was craving for months. I also got a cider from a beer vendor a couple doors down from Fento.

Bocca Coffee Roasters






Ok last but not least, Bocca Coffee Roasters. I know this isn’t necessarily a “place to eat” but they do have little things to nibble on while you sip your freaking amazing coffee. It rivals Italian coffee easily. The quality and time and effort they put into each cup is an art. On our last day I bought a salted chocolate slice of dense cake and it was rich, delicious and you could just tell it is a place that focuses on quality. They also have other loaves, breads, sweets and both regular coffee, espresso, lattes, and teas. And their coffee, if you enjoy it, can be purchased for super super cheap. I bought a bag of the Brazil “Fatima” coffee.






Cut Throat

Cut Throat is such an interesting concept and I am SO into it. It is basically a bar in the center, and on the outside ring, a barber shop. But I wouldn’t necessarily say a barber shop, maybe a men’s hair artist? While we were eating and drinking there was this one guy who was getting his hair done when we arrived and was just finishing as we were finishing. And we had a few drinks AND dinner.It is such a cool vibe there. I felt like I was where people meet up after work and just hang out. Basically the “cool hangout bar”. The drinks were fantastic, and they also have great food! I got the chicken burger and it was perfect. They are also known for their savory and sweet waffles. So if you are needing a drink, haircut, or food, or all really, go to Cut Throat while in Amsterdam and get the full works.



Moeders has the most amazing authentic Dutch food!!! We went there for dinner, and it was such an
amazing meal. Make sure you make a reservation since they fill up fast!I ordered the Suddervlees which is a stewed beef that comes in a little pot along with potatoes and red cabbage. Seriously one of the best dinners I had all week while we were traveling! We also split the traditional dutch appetizers which was fun, a bottle of wine, and the Mommy’s Apple Pie!


xx, Chandler

Moeders photo was found off of Google
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