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Monteriggioni, Italy

On one beautiful day in Tuscany we went on a long day trip that consisted of a stop in Monteriggioni, Siena, San Gimignano and a winery. Our first stop: Monteriggioni.

Monteriggioni is a super small town with only 42 annual habitants. This little town sits up on a hill with beautiful tuscan hill views from behind the medieval stone walls and towers built around the city. When it was first build there were 14 towers placed with connecting walls and only 2 archways in the walls to go in or out of the city.

Now we did only spend about 30 minutes in the city, which was kind of nice because there wasn’t too much to do… but the history was there.

During conflict between Siena and Florence in the Middle Ages, the city of Monteriggioni was built by the Sienese as there front line. The city was strategically placed between the two cities as a defensive fort.

Many attacks were made at Monteriggioni until the Medicis reconciled with who was in charge on the Siena side and they handed the keys to the city over.

After enough time to snap a few photos, we were ushered back to the bus to continue on to Siena!

xx, Chandler

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