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Christmas in Milan

A long day of traveling, struggling to get bags from point A to point B to point C and Milan’s Christmas decorations made it all worth it. I moved out of my apartment in Florence on Friday and took a train to Milan before my flight. What a beautiful sight it was walking out of the metro and seeing the beautiful Milan Duomo behind a beautiful Christmas tree.

Jaw dropped. (Especially since the last time I was in Milan, I wasn’t super super impressed… except for the duomo and galleria, of course.)

The Galleria as well did not disappoint. There was a beautiful Swarovski tree and the ceiling of the dome in the middle was covered in sparkling blue lights.

After walking out of the Galleria to find a wall of lights covering a building, we stumbled upon the cutest little Christmas market. (Sorry Florence but Milan has you beat on this one.)

Little shops, vendors and houses to grab sweets, cheeses and truffles were lined around the beautiful Milan Duomo.

After dinner I was able to get one more glance of the tree and duomo, before calling it an early night and jumping back on the metro. Off to my next stop in the morning!

xx, Chandler

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