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Siena, Italy

Siena was probably the place that I wish I had stayed longer, or had gone back to. I just felt like there was so much of Siena that I didn’t see.

But I was in a tour group so we didn’t have the luxury of wandering around and our time in Siena was sadly, too short.

When we arrived we headed straight to the main square, where the famous horse races are.

But what really stole my heart in Siena, was the Duomo. It was absolutely breathtaking. Honestly, probably one of the more interesting churches I had been in while in Europe. The gold in the sun just glistened.

The marble work on the flooring, in and out, was intricate and precise but I will say it was very dark inside. (And on top of that, not flash photography was allowed.)

The whole church just embodied that old church feel. The columns were made of white and green marble while the outsiders white and pink marble.

Each aspect of the church was so detailed and there was so much to see in a little amount of time.

From the front, we wandered around back before heading to lunch. We opted to ditch the group arranged lunch and go find our own spot.

The place we picked was called La Taverna di San Giuseppe and the food was out of this world.

We ordered a bottle of white wine for the table that was crisp and clean, and enjoyed our appetizer. We ordered 2, one being the ricotta and spinach filled dumplings with cheese fondue and fresh truffle, and the other being the ricotta gnocchi with a fondue of pecorino and truffle. So delicious. And then the real big hitters were served. (aka our pasta.) I ordered a pasta with lard, italian meat, and pear. Weird combination but fantastic.

I wish we had time to stay for a sweet treat but instead we had to run to our meeting point and off to our next location: San Gimignano.

I will be back to Siena someday, not just to eat at La Taverna di Giuseppe again, but to adventure and see more of Siena. Now off to San Gimignano.

xx, Chandler

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