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Glossier ‘You’ Experience

The Glossier ‘You’ Experience is closing this month… boo. (December 31st to be exact.)

When I was in NYC a couple of days ago, I went and checked it out with my tour guide, cousin and manhattan guru, Megan. (She knows all the good places to go, and then takes me to them!)

Anyway so one of my requests was to go to the Glossier ‘You’ Experience and to the showroom (that post will be up soon).

The experience is so different than anything I have ever been to before. Especially the mirrored door with the red gloved hand spraying perfume on your wrist. We walked in and checked in (since being careful I booked tickets at a certain time). Then we were allowed to explore the experience, past this beautiful mirrored oval, and to smell the perfume out of a glass.

In the ‘closet’ (where you go to have the door lift up and get a perfume spray) there are mirrors and a red button. When you press the red button, the mirror lifts up to reveal a red gloved hand with a bottle of the Glossier ‘You’ Fragrance, and they give you a delicate spray on the ribbon that is tied around your wrist when you walk in.

Overall the experience was really quick but interesting. I love the concept of a popup shop to celebrate Glossier’s debut fragrance. And then afterwards you can head right upstairs to the showroom!

Make sure you try and make it before it closes!

xx, Chandler

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