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A Weekend in NYC: Part 1

What is better than waking up in New York City, getting up and going to Drybar to get your hair blown out after 4 months of no water pressure, crap water and not the best shampoo? Nothing.

I got a more tightly curled Mai Thai, so when it fell as the day(s) went on, it became more loose waves! I absolutely loved it and might hair smelled amazing until I washed it.

After our Drybar appointments, we went to get breakfast at Little Prince and I had a much needed coffee, and the French Omelette. It was so sweet on the outside, covered with wood, greenery, and lights on a Christmas tree.

After breakfast, and walking around Soho (and a stop at Bloomingdales) we decided to grab drinks at Nomo Soho.

Our drinks were amazing but we were then off to the Glossier ‘You’ experience and the Glossier showroom!

At the showroom I picked up my top 2 favorites always, the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Boy Brow (but this time in brown not blond). It was so cute in there!

And yet again we were on the move to get more drinks! We went to the rooftop bar, Good Story, in the Arlo Soho hotel. I got the eggnog with rum and Megan got the Feliz Navided with tequila, rum, coconut milk and coconut water. Both fantastic.

After enjoying a couple drinks, we were off on the subway to Lincoln center to watch the New York City Ballet perform The Nutcracker. I used to see The Nutcracker ever single year when I was younger in Portland for my birthday, and I haven’t been in years, until this performance.

The performance itself was phenomenal and Megan decided it would be a tradition to attend this ballet every year. The venue was gorgeous as well.

We hopped in the worlds most jerky, speed and then slam on the breaks, excessively long taxi ride back to around where she lives to go to dinner with her friends Megan and Roxy. I can’t remember where we ate but I had a great burger! Perfect after not having on for months.

And then we all went to a speakeasy called Dear Irving near Gramercy park. It exceeded my expectations! We tried to go to Dear Irving last year but were unable to get in, but this year, we were able to enjoy drinks in 1 of the 4 rooms. There is the JFK room right when you walk in, the Gatsby room (where we were), the Lincoln room and the Marie Antoinette room. The Marie Antoinette room was adorable and the Gatsby room was glitzy but so fun to sit in.

xx, Chandler

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