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I’m Home: The Glossier Showroom

One of many surreal experiences while I was in NYC was going to the Glossier Showroom. Something I have been hoping to do for the past year and finally was able to accomplish!

We had just finished checking out the Glossier ‘You’ Experience and headed up to the showroom in the elevator. The showroom was busy and had girls from all around playing with the products, chatting with Glossier Showroom employees dressed in pale pink jumpsuits and filling out a order form.

Everything was so beautifully decorated and thought out and it showed with the amount of people that always are in the showroom!

I was able to smell the Body Hero duo that was waiting for me at home, check out the brown boy brow that I had ordered 2 of online and look into getting Glossier ‘You’.

We also couldn’t leave without taking a photo in front of the “You Look Good” mirror and with that, products in hand and photos taken, we were off to get more drinks!

xx, Chandler

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