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101 in 1001: Update 7

4. Get a Blowout, because why not // When I was in NYC I got a blowout at the one and only, Dryer, and let me tell you, it was fantastic. My hair smelled amazing and stayed looking good for a solid few days!

7. Get a facial // For my birthday, and after breaking out constantly for the past 4 months in Italy, I asked for a facial. My esthetician Odessa basically did a custom facial that incorporated all of her facials into one. It was phenomenal.

47. Reconnect with an old friend // One of my old high school friends reached out to me and we got coffee! It was so nice seeing her.

83. Do Vlogmas all the way through // I did vlogmas! Another check off the list! You can check out the playlist here.

91. Blog 3 days a week for a month // I have been blogging every single day in the month of December so there is so much newness up on SB right now, so check it out! So so so much travel.

xx, Chandler

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