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A Weekend in NYC: Part 2

NYC Day 2 and we started out sweating. An 8 am Monday barre cardio class was a great way to start off the day and week. The barre class was one from the Exhale Spa at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel. Megan loves this location because when you’re at the bar, you have a 180 degree view of the street.

After Barre, we walked to Friend of a Farmer and ordered pumpkin pancakes, apple pancakes, and a side of bacon. We also split a large french press coffee and I ordered a juice called the ‘Brooklyn Beautifier’. It had blackberries, cranberries, honeydew and raspberries. Delicious. I am going to try and make this for myself!

After breakfast I made Megan stop at Rescue Spa in NYC with me so I could pick up a bigger size of the Biologique Recherche P50 1970! We also took a little rest at Megan’s apartment and then we were back on the road up to 5th Ave and walked down to look at all of the window displays!


(Bergdorf Goodman’s were my favorite… especially this one.)

This year, Saks 5th Ave’s window display theme was Snow White to celebrate its 80th anniversary. It was so cute and was very well done!

Megan loved the Cartier store windows and jewelry, especially the wild cats. You can’t go wrong with Cartier.

And then we went into Saks 5th ave and it was a winter wonderland!

We also went into the New York Public Library which was beautiful as well.

And then my phone died…

After going to Bryant Park and the cute Christmas Village and a little sushi for lunch, we headed to Grand Central Station so I could go get a portable charger for my phone…

Then we were off to another rooftop bar with an adorable woodsy look. We both had a glass of wine and a margarita.

On our walk back to Rockafeller and Saks 5th Ave to see the light show we stumbled upon the massive lights and ornaments, and Radio City.

As always, the tree and Saks did not disappoint.

But we were off after enjoying the display to Mermaid oyster bar before going to Comedy Cellar (aka no phones allowed!). Comedy Cellar was amazing and I am going to go again next time hopefully!

After Comedy Cellar, we made one more stop at a speakeasy/bar called Employees Only. We had some amazing drinks, like always everywhere we went, before we were back to Megan’s apartment so I could sleep and wake up at an ungodly hour… again!

Such a whirlwind weekend but I loved every moment of it.

xx, Chandler


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