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New In: Skincare

I love skincare! Skincare is just one of those things that I love learning about. I love trying things out, seeing what works, what doesn’t work, what works for dry skin, combo skin, oily skin, acne prone skin, mature skin etc. And I have a decent range around me in life and I love when my recommendations work for people! ANYWAY.

Skincare. I bought some new things, some replacements, you get the picture.

So first off, I bought another Milky Jelly. Surprise, surprise (not). I love Glossier’s Milky Jelly so much. So I have 2 backups. Guess who won’t be needing a face wash for a while? me. But I was reading an Instagram post from Nail Polish Chips and she said the Drunk Elephant Beste #9 cleanser is amazing and her new holy grail OVER the Milky Jelly, so that will be next on my list.

If you read this post over the summer, you would know that I love the Biologique Recherche P50 1970. It is a skin saviors, miracle vinegar smelling liquid that clears my skin, makes it glow, improves the texture and is just an overall magical product. I picked it up in NYC at Rescue Spa.

Another new product is the Complex Beauty ‘The Godmother’ face mask. I actually bought this in November and have been using it a bunch now that I am home. (My skin needed miracles so I am doing my best to make that happen.) Basically it is an enzyme mask that has pumpkin, glycolic acid, vitamin E and C, and a few other awesome ingredients. It gives you an overall glow, clean feel that isn’t stripping but overhauling. It has helped reduce acne, improve the overall glow of my skin, hydrates, and exfoliates.

LASTLY for the face, I got a Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Herbivore Botanicals. A little extra? maybe? but I am super into facial massage. I did facial massage on myself, while abroad, with oils and my hands (there are videos all over the internet) but now I use the roller (and sometimes my hands still) since it feels so cooling. So some benefits to facial massage in general it that it improves blood circulation, collagen, reduces fine lines, improves elasticity of skin, promotes lymphatic drainage (very TSC), reduces puffiness, and tightens pores. I’ve been using this at night and in the morning. Morning I focus on my cheeks and eyes for puffiness, and at night, lymphatic drainage (all over).

Ok but really lastly, the Glossier Body Hero Duo! I actually am enjoying the body hero duo a lot lately. Maybe it is the winter weather? maybe it is my skin crying for moisture? maybe it is just a luxurious thing to have? Who knows. I would say that I do prefer the lotion over the body wash? Maybe it is just the smell a big of the wash that reminds me of Johnsons baby shampoo? But I still enjoy it because for the post shower moments where I am too lazy to put on lotion, the body wash is moisturizing enough where my skin is still content. Laziness sometimes takes over.

Anyway the lotion just gives a nice sheen and I do enjoy them. Will I buy them again? We will see! I will let you know when I finish the bottles.

xx, Chandler

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