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Best Moments of 2017

Sometimes when I am looking back at the year, I think, “Did anything really happen this year?, “Was it a good year?”, and 2017 was so so good to me.

I had the chance to design a day of recruitment with Nicolette and it turned out beautifully…

I took a little and she is the biggest light in my life. Thank you Tilley xx.

I became a Glossier Rep! And this was one of the most exciting experiences in the first half of the year for me. To have the chance and ability to rep a brand that you whole heartedly believe in and love is truly amazing.

And when the year came to an end, I said goodbye to all of my friends (for then) since I was going to be in Italy the following semester. (And I am ecstatic to see them in a week or so.)

All of my friends finally turned 21 (since I am the early bird in December).

And ate a couple Salt and Straw ice cream cones with my co-workers. (Thanks for making work more fun!)

And I hosted my first giveaway! (Maybe I will be doing another soon!)

Before starting my semester in Italy, my parents took us (my sisters and I) on the trip of a lifetime to a couple cities in Spain and a few cities in Italy.

And when it was time for all of my family to go, I already knew that my semester abroad would be the best semester in my entire college experience. (Thank you Mom and Dad and to my Aunt Darci and Uncle Charlie for helping me get there and supporting me through everything.)

And then the trips began! (Along with classes of course.) In September we went to Cinque Terre, Capri, Positano, Pompeii and Germany.

In October we went to Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Geneva. Amsterdam was probably my favorite place that we visited and already want to go back!

In November we spent time in Italy and adventured through Tuscany and explored Florence since we had been traveling around Europe without seeing all of what Florence had to offer. Balance.

In December we utilized the free museum entry on Sundays and were able to see the Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens. And also Christmas Markets around Italy started up! So much amazing food and hot wine to enjoy.

But also in December I had to say goodbye to my home for the past few months and come back to the States. Ciao Firenze, I will be back.

Before returning home to Oregon, I stopped in NYC (my favorite city) and spent a quick couple of days with my cousin. We went to city the NYC ballet, ‘The Nutcracker’, stopped by the Glossier showroom and experience and so much more.

Finally back in Oregon and after battling jet lag and constant exhaustion, I was glad to be home with my family and puppers to celebrate Christmas.

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