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Hello, 2018! + Resolutions

I am so happy it is 2018! 2017 was, overall, a great year and I am so thankful for all of the experiences, lessons, and laughs that came from all of 2017, but now it is a new year, fresh, full of hope, and a clean slate.

I may not be the biggest fan of New Years Eve, but on the first of January, I am ready to take on the year.

Anyway so I thought I would maybe talk about some of my resolutions for this year!

I love thinking about my resolutions and usually I put a lot of thought into them because not only do they reflect the new year but also old, and on top of that I want them to be attainable. If you create some crazy resolutions that are unattainable, you feel discouraged and end up repeating some resolutions.

When I start thinking of resolutions I always look back to the previous year of few years to see what I wanted to accomplish, if I did, if I said how I was going to accomplish them, so I can revaluate and make sure I don’t let myself down.

Last year, I chose a quote, and a few themes to go my year about and I liked that. It was different, and this year I am going to do something similar but with more goals that I can actually tangibly work towards.

“Turn your Can’ts into Can’s and your Dreams into Plans” -Last year’s resolution quote

The theme was to focus on me, similar to the overall theme of what I want 2018 to be. For 2018 however I am planning on setting mini goals, under the big ‘resolution’ title, so I can meet those goals, stay focused, and work towards accomplishing my resolutions!

My 2018 resolutions are a little different compared to last year or other resolutions. You’ll see.

Put myself 1st

What I mean by this is to continue and restart putting myself first in all aspects of my life. This can be achieved by baby steps in all areas such as health, esteem, mentally etc. So eating well, eating so I fuel my body, working out, just moving period, not watching that extra netflix episode and instead going for a walk or to do 15 minutes of something in my room even. Journaling so I stay in a good open and clear space so I can improve in all aspects, again. Keeping a clean room so I am not thinking about that and can work on better things. School, obviously.But overall to live a healthier life as a holistic whole.


With this resolution I think it is pretty self explanatory… I just want to move more. No “I’m going to work out 6 days a week for the whole year” because honestly I have been sitting on my ass a little too much lately and that would be unrealistic. Even just getting up off my bed, leaving the computer screen, and moving, working out, going on a walk, walk to campus instead of driving, cleaning my room even, just not sitting as much.

Embrace the uncomfortable until it is comfortable

I know this might not make much sense but my Aunt Darci and I were talking about this literally yesterday. I realized that I don’t like certain things i.e. working out because it is more uncomfortable physically, mentally, it is more challenging than sitting in bed for example. I don’t like feeling like I’m out of shape wether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, so I don’t challenge myself. I feel like this just THE explanation.

Shop needs not wants. Shop less. Spend less.

I spend too much on wants over needs. So one of my goals is to lessen my spending especially on wants. This is incorporated in this but I am a college student, so spending like a college student is included in this. Maybe no more Chanel mascara… I’ll swap for some Maybelline. This will be a work in progress resolution. (Aka I’m not striving for perfection, just progress.)

Complete 12 Weeks of BBG

This is my one goal goal I guess you could say. One that is either accomplished or not. But I have wanted to fully finish 12 weeks of BBG for a long time, and I have an feeling that this year I will accomplish this. I also think that that program, as hard as it is sometimes, is manageable with my busy student. 28 minutes. Anyone has 28 in minutes.


For a “work” goal:

Put more time and energy into Something Blissful and Instagram

I wanted to add this because I want to continue working on SB and making it the best it can be. Providing content that is good and not crap. And I included Instagram because I want to add more product pictures and flat lays which kind of goes hand in hand with this blog!

Let me know below what your resolutions are, or even just one of them!

Happy January 1st! I hope you’re 2018 is off to a good start.

xx, Chandler

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