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New In: Makeup

More recently than not I posted a New in: Skincare post, and now, its other half New in: Makeup is up!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is always a classic. I feel like every person owns or has tried the Brow Wiz, and it is a trusty staple in my everyday makeup. I go between Taupe and Medium Brown depending on the season and if my brows are tinted.

The Nars Soft Matte Concealer is not needed, kind of… but is at the same time. I love my trusty Glossier Stretch Concealer, but sometimes it is a bit “glossy” for me. But after watching a few (or all) of Allana’s videos and her saying the Glossier Stretch mixed with the Nars Soft Matte is the perfect concealer, I knew I had to try it out for myself! And so far, it is the perfect combination. I have never tried a concealer that is as good as these two mixed, ever.

It was a matter of time until I bought a full sized Filmstar Bronze and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury (especially since I have been loving on my Instant look in a Palette by her). I love the bronzer so much, and I wish she just sold the bronzer, but the Bronze and Glow palette is great since I like the highlighter too.

Lastly, I received the Lancome “I Spent the Holidays with Monsieur Big” and I am so happy my sister was sneaky and got it for me! I love the primer and even though my lashes are much longer now than compared to when I used to use it. It adds awesome volume and length. Hands down best lash primer I’ve used, and worth every penny. As for the mascara, after hearing Allana rave about this also, and reading that Amelia says in a blog post that this beats the Chanel Le Volume, this was next up on my to try list.

Next up for me to try: The Fenty Beauty “Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set”.

xx, Chandler


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