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Top 4 Podcasts

The world of podcasts is booming. So many podcasts, only so many hours in the day to listen to them all.

Podcasts have been a big thing for me to do, listen to, take notes on, you name it. There are about 4 podcasts (because I can only listen to so many episodes in a day) that I have been listening to nonstop.


Fat Mascara

I love Fat Mascara so much. Seriously this is my most listened to podcast in the past month or so. I think I’ve listened to about half of the episodes that they’ve put out in that time. If you’re into beauty, I highly HIGHLY highly recommend this podcast. The hosts, Jess and Jenn are both beauty editors. Jess at previously at W and Allure and currently at Teen Vogue, and Jenn at Marie Claire. So basically they know their stuff, and to compliment that, they have some huge names in the beauty industry on their podcast! Some include Emily Weiss, Charlotte Tilbury, Vicky Tsai, Jen Atkin, Howard Murad, Bobbi Brown, and so many other people.

Favorite Episodes: #35 // #48 // #52 // #58 // #67 // #72// #76 // #88



TSC: Him and Her

If you’ve never heard me talk about Lauryn, the mastermind behind The Skinny Confidential, where have you been? Anyway, she has a podcast with her husband Michael, who is also successful in his business ventures, and I have been loving a lot of the guests they’ve had on recently! Kim Kelly, Dr. Dennis Gross, Tanya Zuckerbrot, Lorna Jane Clarkson, and Kelly LeVeeque just to name a few. This is such a good podcast to listen to!

Favorite Episodes: #16 // #20 // #60 // #67 // #69 // #73 // #79 // #84 // #90 // #91 // #92 // #93


Style Your Mind

Cara Alwill Leyba gets women. She seeks to empower women through the books she has published, her own podcast where she speaks on a wide range of topics and also through being a master life coach. She is real, raw and gives real advice for the real girl. Her entrepreneurial spirit shows through her podcasts and she is really the ultimate girl boss. Goal: To live the Champagne Lifestyle. Some of my favorite episodes are her mantra episodes and babe chat episodes!

Favorite Episodes: #5 // #11 // #12 // #18 // #22 // #23 // #26 // #29 // #34 // #46 // #53 // #66 // #69 // #70




Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso – badass, founder of Nasty Gal, girlboss, and she founded Girlboss Media which creates her podcast, Girlboss Radio. Sophia has all girl bosses on the podcast from all different industries. Fitness, Beauty, Food, Apparel and basically all other sectors of industries.

Favorite Episodes: Alli Web (Drybar) // Cassandra Grey (Violet Grey) // Emily Weiss (Glossier) // Christine Day (LuluLemon) // Tyler Haney (Outdoor Voices) // Jenn Hyman (Rent the Runway) // Amanda Bacon (Moon Juice)




Let me know your favorite podcasts! (Always wanting to find the best ones out there!)

xx, Chandler

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