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Products I’m Currently Testing: ElLou Skincare

If you’ve ever heard me talk about my amazing esthetician, Odessa, you would know how much I rave about her. She is so knowledgeable about skin, what ingredients do for skin, gives an amazing facial, is such a great person to talk to, and revolutionized my eyebrows for about the past year (?).

So possibly in a past blog post, I mentioned that when I left for Italy, Odessa was starting to create a skincare line, and since I have been back, she was telling me all about the products, what her favorites were and which ones I needed.

So when I went in for my last eyebrow appointment, before going back to school, I asked her what I needed, she then asked what I needed and lotion, oil, and physical exfoliant were on the list.

She showed me her Honey Lotion + Aloe and her Night Elixir (and then she gave me a lip balm as a gift to test out and report back to her with feedback).

Her skincare line is Ellou and I love love love the ingredients in all of her products. I can understand all of them.

The Honey Face Lotion is a dream. The smell, the feeling, the way it makes my skin look, together all make it look magnificent. The lotion itself is a blend of cold pressed sunflower oil, aloe vera, beeswax, honey oil and vitamin e oil. It is also paraben free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. When you apply this on the skin it leaves your skin looking glowy, healthy, and like you just slept with a killer hydration overnight mask on.

The Night Elixir is a blend of super oils that create this product that is magic. It is light, breathable, hydrating and keeps my skin extra hydrated and loved especially in these cold winter months. The elixir is a blend of cold pressed sunflower oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin e oil, argan oil, and a mix of a bunch of essential oils: orange, neroli, lavender, geranium, lemongrass, and ylang ylang. Again it is paraben free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and alcohol free. I love and you only need a couple drops every night (or day if you want to do that!) so it will last forever.

If you’re nervous about oils in skincare, lemme tell you that you need oils. Some of the best ones (used in Ellou) include: Sunflower oil has so many vitamins in it! Vitamin A, E, C and D. So it is a full antioxidant oil and will fight wrinkles. Avocado oil is one of the richest sources of monounsaturated fatty acids (helps with skin texture, mainly), is super hydrating but also is great for fighting blemishes, blackheads, eczema, and inflammation. Castor oil helps retain the moisture balance in your skin, helps fight acne, and helps with wrinkles by boosting collagen in your skin. Vitamin E oil prevents water loss in your skin and retains moisture in your skin, restores the natural oil balance of your skin (oily gals rejoice), promotes elastin and collagen aka age fighting, youth restoring properties, and helps reduce scars and dark spots.

Lastly, the Peppermint Lip Balm… I am a lip balm, salve, whatever, junkie. Odessa actually gave me this one to ‘give her feedback on the peppermint amount’ (she’s so sweet) and let me tell you, the level is perfect. not too pepperminty but also not like you’re just smearing oils and beeswax on your lips with no flavor.

Overall Thoughts: I love all of the products. I really really do. They work, are helping keep my skin hydrated, keeping blemishes at bay, and give an overall glow to my skin.

Look forward for a final update!

xx, Chandler

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