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Current Skincare Lusts

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1. The Honey Mud from May Lindstrom Skin // May Lindstrom Skin is an amazing luxury skincare line where each product is gold standard. A large group of people I follow use her products and rave about them. What intrigued me about this product is that it can be a cleanser and mask. I was really into learning about honey and wrote this post (about all of the benefits) and have been trying to incorporate honey into my skincare routine, more. This cleanser has enzymes, raw honey, clay, and much more goodness that leaves your skin perfectly hydrated. Maybe one day… I will be able to try it out!

2. Pinkcloud from Herbivore // I have a little sample of this moisturizer and it smells like a rose filled dream. It is super light so it is great with all skin types and is super hydrating and soothing from the rose. It smells like a rose water spray in moisturizer form. I think this moisturizer would be great for the day or both day and night in the summer!

3. Amanda Lacey Miracle Tonic // I follow Into The Gloss Editor, Emily Ferber, on Instagram and she was mentioning how amazing this tonic is for zapping spots. All you do is dip a q-tip into the tonic and dab it onto the spots you want to zap and it works wonders. Maybe this little pink potion is pure magic?

4. The Water Cream from Tatcha // After listening to the Fat Mascara podcast episode featuring Vicky Tsai (creator of Tatcha) I have been obsessed with the attention to detail, quality and effectiveness of Tatcha products. The Water Cream is no different. I also purchased a mini set (post coming soon) with the Deep Cleanse and Water Cream so I could try both products out. The Water Cream is actually amazing. I have never used a moisturizer this cool in so so long. Basically little bubbles in the cream that are filled with skincare ingredients burst when you press the cream into your skin. It is like a glass of water for your skin when you apply it, and you only need the littlest amount so it will last you a while! Definitely want to pick up the full size!

5. Lait U from Biologique Recherche // I am in love with most everything from Biologique Recherche (BR for short). The products they create are phenomenal (my all time favorite is the P50 1970). I have been interested in the cleansers for a while now (since I visited Spa Rescue’s storefront in NYC) and thought I would look into them for the next time I go to the city! Lait U is great for all skin types. It removes makeup, doesn’t leave an oily film behind, doesn’t dehydrate the skin, is gentle, and works with the skin’s epidermis. My second interest is Lait VIP 02 is also on my radar. I think I might ask the professionals at Rescue Spa which one would be best for my skin!

6. The Deep Cleanse from Tatcha // This might be my next cleanser to try out… (except I’m going to by this mini set… I love a good mini set). OR this cleanser because of its “similarity” to Milky Jelly (we will seee about this one). Like I said, I purchased a mini set with this cleanser and so far so good. The cleanser has Luffa fruit that gentley exfoliates the skin. The smell reminds me of fruit and the cleanser transitions into a nice lather that leaves my skin feeling very clean but not stripped. I actually really like this for a second cleanse at night or a morning cleanse. I think I would actually pick up the full size of this one too!

7. The Method: Polish from Lancer Skincare // I used a little sample I got from Sephora of this polish and I was amazed. Usually I am more of a chemical exfoliant kind of gal with a physical scrub tossed in here and there, and this scrub is totally worth it. It isn’t too abrasive to where I feel like it is damaging my skin and you use the smallest amount of this product ever. The sample I got from Sephora, the lady said was about 3 uses and I thought, “no way in hell” so I used it all. And really, she was right. It could’ve been 2-3 uses. I just wish this product came in a smaller size with a smaller price tag!

xx, Chandler

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