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Tatcha Minis

Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha, found a old yet modern approach to beauty and skincare in Kyoto, Japan. The beauty secrets of the Geisha mixed with quality ingredients and modern science and Tatcha was created.

Oils, exfoliators, creams, and even blotting papers, all inspired by the Geisha beauty routines that have been passed down through generations to the present. Staples in your skincare routine consist of just a few products, but Tatcha has built on that with supplemental products for what you want, your skin needs and your skin type.

Tatcha is just one of those companies where every single product not only works and does what it says it does, but every product is a home run.

I have always loved Tatcha products, but sometimes the price isn’t always what a college student can spend. This mini set, to me, is a great way to try out the products without spending more than $100.

I had been wanting to try out Tatcha’s water cream ever since I listened to the Fat Mascara podcast that featured Vicky Tsai (episode ) where she explained the science behind it (so cool) and then most recently launched is their Deep Cleanse Gel (aka a combo oily skin dream product). What better way than to buy a mini set to see what these products are all about? (I just love a good mini set.)

First off, the Tatcha Water Cream Moisturizer. What really grabbed my attention, first, is that it is oil free, anti aging and keeps your skin perfectly hydrated. When Vicky Tsai was talking about the Water Cream she explained the technology in the product. Imagine tiny little skincare filled bubbles in the cream, when your press the cream on your skin the bubbles burst releasing all of the amazing ingredients, perfect hydration and leaving a shine free glow. This is what Vicky was talking about in the Fat Mascara podcast and got me looking back into Tatcha.

The Water Cream clarifies and refines the skin with powerful Japanese botanicals such as Wild Rose and Leopard Lilly that together tightens pores, smoothes skin texture, controls excess oil, clarifies skin, and promotes cell turnover. It also has Tatcha’s Hadasei-3, which is a trio of anti-aging ingredients including green tea, rice & algae. This trio restores healthy looking, youthful, radiant skin.

When I first put this cream on I immediately felt like I had just splashed the most refreshing beauty water on my skin. I didn’t necessarily feel little skincare bubbles bursting (I wish I had) but my skin felt perfectly hydrated. What really amazed me was what happened after the product sank in and set. My skin literally felt like silk. It was astoundingly soft and glowy AND my skin didn’t appear to get as oily as usual during the day. But really, back to the silk feel of my skin.. I’m still in shock every single time I use this product because of how truly amazing it is.

Second, the Tatcha Deep Cleanse Gel Cleanser. This product hit the skincare instagram community by storm when it launched. With it’s sleek tourquoise bottle, Tatcha quality, hype, and oily skin catering, I was extra excited to try this product out. This is an oil-free gel cleanser and lathers into a creamy foam. It also has a fun fruit scent that isn’t overbearing or irritating to the skin. The product has luffa fruit which is a skin multi-tasker. The ground fibers from the fruit exfoliate, turns over dead skin cells, purifies & decongests pores, and the fruit extract beautifies and conditions the skin. When I first used this I found the product perfectly purifying. Not over drying, not stripping but still left skin clean. I enjoyed the little luffa fruit fibers as a light physical exfoliant. The cleanser cleanses with amino acids derived from silk gentle enough for delicate, sensitive skin, leaving skin soft, refreshed and hydrated. I actually really enjoy this cleanser as a second cleanse. Since it isn’t suggested to use on the eyes I would only recommend after makeup removal. It also has japanese wild rose works to visibly tighten pores and smooth skin texture, and japanese leopard lily helps minimize excess oil.

I would buy the full size version of this product if it continues to deeply but gently clean my skin.

Tatcha products, for me, are the epitome of quality. Every ingredient is thought out, and has worked for generations and generations. There are many other products from Tatcha that I am dying to try out (including this one and this one), and hopefully will.

Also from this beautiful tourquoise line, I own The Deep Polish. I highly recommend investing in one of their Rice Enzyme Powders. It is a light exfoliator that tightens pores, is clarifying and anti aging. Each variation of the same powder has similar benefits but just for different skin types. The original, gentle, deep, and soothing. It is a powder that when water is added, it froths up to a creamy consistency that gently exfoliates and cleanses. I usually use this in the morning!

Let me know what Tatcha products you love!

xx, Chandler

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