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Glossier ‘You’ Solid

Glossier ‘You’

*please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient* – Glossier

Three Base Notes:

Ambrette _ Comfy · Warm

Ambrox _ Smooth · Salty · Animalistic

Musk _ Long-Lasting · Addictive

Top Notes:

Iris Root _ Earthy · Green · Woody

Pink Pepper _ Spice · Sparkling



When I was in New York City I was lucky enough to go to the Glossier ‘You’ Experience and the Glossier showroom.

The experience was definitely an experience. From room to room, mirrors, red walls, an overall red hue, and a mirror that raised up to reveal a red glove spraying perfume on my wrist.

When I first smelled the perfume on my wrist I found it to be overpowering, a little spicy (in a pepper spice way), not quite me. So I didn’t buy the fragrence but walked a way with a few mini bottles of the Glossier ‘You’ perfume.

After the perfume sat on me, it mellowed out, smelled like me, naturally, but better.And every single time I sprayed the perfume, I received compliments that I “smelled great” or that someone “loved the perfume I was wearing. And honestly the fragrance, as I worked my way through all of my mini travel bottles, became my favorite that I owned.

And right when I finished my mini bottles, Glossier launched the adorable solid version of Glossier ‘You’.



What is so great about the solid mini is that it is refillable. I don’t know, at this moment, how much the refills will be but I know I will be keeping this little Glossier pink egg on me 24/7. The egg itself is heavy, feels luxurious and the solid melts beautifully with your skin to make it You.

I truly do love this fragrance. If you aren’t wanting to buy a bottle, try the solid, and if you don’t want to do that, you can always just get a sample of ‘You’ with your Glossier order!


If you didn’t know, I am a Glossier Rep and if you want to save money (20% off and free shipping over $30) or just support me, through purchasing Glossier products, you can use my rep page here. I do earn a very small commission through your purchase but I am really just a Glossier rep because I really do just love Glossier products.

I hope you try ‘You’, because it really brings out the best smell of you.

xx, Chandler

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