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Let’s Talk … Facial Massage

The practice of Facial massage has been around for FOREVER. Centuries. And there are so many benefits…

There are (almost) endless benefits of facial massage!

· Increases blood circulation + oxygen flow

· More blood flow means more collagen produces

· More collagen produces means less wrinkles

· Skincare products absorb better

· Prevents fine lines + wrinkles

· You skin will appear more youthful and glowy

· Blood + oxygen glow means skin can repair + heal faster

· Improved skin tone

· Instant headache, neck and stress relief

· Lymphatic drainage (a TSC fave) decreases puffiness and congestion

Prep for Massage:

Before starting… Make sure your skin has some sort of slip. You don’t want to be pulling and tugging on your skin while you massage. I personally use my Ellou Nighttime Elixir or a little bit extra of my Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich.


You can either use your hands, a roller or other tools including, but not limited to, a Guasha, & Clarisonic Uplift.

I mainly use my hands (at night) or my Rose Quartz Roller (either morning or night). I love my roller because it is cooling and feels amazing in the morning especially under my eyes! I sometimes use my roller after I apply my JSS Hydrate Serum very gently almost as if it presses the serum into the skin. I will then switch from the bigger end to the smaller end to roll under my eyes, very lightly on my eyes (it feels amazing) and along my eyebrow bone.

Violet Grey released a video I enjoyed all about rolling with a Rose Quartz Roller. Up, out, gentle. Check it out here.

Rose Quartz Roller · Jade Roller · Ice Roller · Guasha · Clarisonic Uplift


How to Massage:

Begin your massage stroke routine with gentle gliding movements. Use upward strokes to give the muscles of the face a lift Upwards and outwards. Basically, you don’t want to pull your skin in any direction that you don’t want it settling in.
I focus on my jawline, cheeks, eyes and mouth area. But I never massage too close to the eye area and eyelids because that skin is very thin and fragile.

I just followed a video the first few times I tried facial massage until I got it down. This one is my favorite.

Remember: Up and out! & Don’t be too rough!

Happy massaging!

xx, Chandler

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