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Glossier Solution: Part 2

Glossier launched their Solution in January of 2018 and it was their entrance if you will into serious skincare.

I did a Part 1 post all about the ingredients, what it is supposed to do, what it is all about without telling you any thoughts because at that point, I hadn’t given Solution a full trial. Just because something works on Day 1 doesn’t mean it will work 30 days later.

Well I am back and ready to tell you my verdict on Glossier Solution!

First off, it claims to exfoliate by dead skin cells, clear acne and blackheads, reduce pore size, and reduce redness. It also says it will improve skin texture it make it softer and smoother and give your skin a glow.

To be completely honest I have been on the fence with Solution for the entire duration I have been using it. It has made my skin glowy, but other than that, I don’t think it has done a ton of good for my skin and may have even broken me out.

It hasn’t lessened my hyper pigmentation on my face from acne scarring and previous sun damage, it hasn’t improved my skin texture, and it didn’t reduce redness.


Now my skin isn’t usually sensitive to face products at all, my skin is actually the opposite, and I do believe that this product broke me out.

I kept getting these weird little white heads (almost) and in the places where I never seem to break out. My skin is more prone to cystic acne and these were 100% not that. I would almost describe as these blemishes as bumps that turned into white heads that just left my skin extra textured and looking a little gross.

And solution unfortunately did not do anything to help my cystic acne reduce or help any acne that did breach the skin, heal any faster.

So all in all, I would not recommend this product. I think there are other amazing products out there that perform extremely better and are worth every penny you spend on them.

Something to note is that this product does contain fragrance and I don’t even like the scent of this product. Acids just don’t smell good? Why even try to disguise it with a fragrance. Solution has been a love or hate product and for me, I wouldn’t go as far to say I hate it but I will not be buying it again.

Another little tidbit that worried me about the formulation and the ingredient list is the use of sodium hydroxide in Solution. I’m not saying I know everything about this ingredient but from what I have learned about it, it sounds like something I might not want to put on my skin everyday. A little bit about Sodium hydroxide… It is a high alkaline ingredient that (in small amounts in skincare) establishes and holds the pH of a product. It is also a cleansing agent that in high amounts is a skin sensitizer.

Caroline Hirons (skincare goddess) said this in her blog post about Solution: “SH [Sodium Hydroxide] is used in small amounts in a lot of skincare products – it’s in some acids, including Glow Tonic, and the Nip + Fab Pads, but usually towards the end of the [ingredient] list and after something extremely calming, in the case of Glow Tonic, after a huge amount of aloe vera. It’s also in toothpaste, but when used at a high %, and when mixed with water, it has an exothermic reaction on the skin, hence the heat. As there is no other buffer in this, the SH is clearly being used as the PH adjuster. My other concern is that when mixed with acids, SH makes salt. That is why this formula is no doubt good at drying out spots. It’s acid, a lot of sodium hydroxide and a salty solution. Of course it’s going to dry out your spots. It will also potentially aggravate your acid mantle, and not in the way acids are supposed to.”

What bothered me the most is that sodium hydroxide is listed as the second ingredient behind water so there is no calming agent before like in other formulations including SH like Caroline listed.

Products I do recommend would be Biologique Recherche P50 1970. I think it is hands down worth the money. Every penny. There are various versions of P50 for different skin needs. Pigmentation, sensitive skin, extremely sensitive skin, reactive skin types, dry skin, mature skin and without phenol.

Depending on the size you want to buy, the BR P50 starts at $28 and ranges to $101. I recommend trying the smallest size to see if you like such a strong products. I initially bought the small size and it lasted me a good amount of time to try it out and see the differences in my skin.

I also recommend watching this video to learn how to use P50 correctly and also check out this post for more information on P50.

Another product I recommend is the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads. I used these over the summer and liked the results. I listened to Dr. Dennis Gross on the Skinny Confidential  Him and Her podcast and he really sold me on the peel pads. (I know that’s what he is supposed to do but he sold me with the science.) I do think these are worth it as well.

The P50 smells gross (but I am weird and have grown to enjoy it) and the Peel Pads don’t smell as bad so if you’re sensitive to smells, try the Peel Pads first.

Lastly a good product to try, (I will let you know it isn’t my favorite, I do prefer P50 or the Peel Pads) is the Pixi Glow Tonic. It is only 5% Glycolic Acid so the intensity isn’t there. It might be better for those who have more sensitive skin or want an entrance into chemical exfoliating toners. You can find this one at Target and is a little more cost effective!

I hope this helps you on your chemical exfoliant journey! Leave any questions you may have below for me to answer!

xx, Chandler

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