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Moisture Meter… what?

A little bit ago I was watching Adri’s instagram story (her instagram is SortofObsessed) and she was talking about a moisture meter for your skin. I purchased it right away as a skincare lover, who is always trying out products, seeing if they work, are worth it, and this little device would be the perfect addition to testing out a products effectiveness.

The moisture meter uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) which is a method mainly used in studies assessing body composition. For me, skin composition and condition. It is a noninvasive way that estimates the water amount in the total body and cells.

In normal terms: it determines the moisture & oil content of your skin, as well as its softness/roughness using this BIA technology.

This little meter detects skin conditions and tells you your skin levels including oil, moisture and softness. I think this little device is great especially if you test out new products more frequently and you can check their effectiveness and figure out what your skin needs more of and implement that into your routine. I know everyone wants to have youthful, healthy, hydrated skin for as long as possible and this is a way to make sure you are doing what it needs to stay that way.

When I first tried it I wasn’t using it properly. I was gently placing the device “probes” on my skin without any pressure. I started getting results that I was insanely dry. As a normal oily skin mess, it just didn’t make sense. After I started applying pressure, that is when the more realistic results came in. More oily, more hydrated, more soft. Much better.

I love love love this little meter! It isn’t as expensive as other moisture meters which I think is great. For me, I just want a ballpark estimate of what products are working and aren’t and what moisturizers I should use in the day time etc. It is great for me when testing the difference in oiliness, softness, and moisture levels of different moisturizers so I can best choose the right one for my skin!

This little guy is under $15 and when I purchased it, I was able to use a little 40% off coupon as well!

xx, Chandler

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