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Kristin Ess Hair: In the Shower

I love great products for great prices. And lets be real, Kristin Ess makes those products, AND you can find them in Target! Each product from the range is under $20 which is so much more reasonable than prices for hair products anywhere else. I initially found out about Kristin Ess products from Amelia of Amelia Says This. She wrote a full blog post all about how amazing they were!

Pretty much all of Kristin Ess products have something called “Zip Up Technology” in them. What is it? Basically a technology that “zips up” split ends! (Thank god I need that forever and always.) But it also targets weak areas of your hair so it smoothes out the damaged cuticles and protects hair from environmental stressors and color fade.

The One Signature Shampoo

This is my favorite shampoo that I have found in about six months to a year. It cleans, but doesn’t strip your hair, moisturizes but doesn’t leave your hair with buildup or greasy, and it adds shine without it being too much, ever. I love it because it isn’t too clarifying, but it cleans. And when I use a lot of product throughout the week (dry shampoo, texture spray, thickening spray, serum, oil, etc.) I always shampoo a second time and the shampoo does double time.

The One Signature Conditioner

The conditioner is the perfect pairing for the shampoo. It is light, not too heavy so it leaves your hair weightless, moisturizing, and leaves your hair shiny and smooth. I love this conditioner also because it does not leave any buildup!

The Frizz Management Cleansing Conditioner

I love switching up my normal shampoo and conditioner with a cleansing conditioner every now and then to keep my locks hydrated. I love this one because it helps gals (like me) with frizziness, unmanageable waves/curls, humidity, and adds moisture. This one doesn’t strip your hair at all and actually keeps a beneficial amount of your natural oils in your hair (especially on the lengths). My hair loves this product for extra hydration so I like switching it up and using this every other wash.


Looking over the entire Kristin Ess line (at least the products that I own), my must haves would definitely be the shampoo and conditioner. But then again, those were the first two products I tried, loved and will probably always be my top two.

Each individually is amazing in their own way. Kristin Ess did an amazing job with the entire line. The Cleansing Conditioner is hydrating and frizz-easing and I love using every other wash. But, forever and always, I recommend trying the Shampoo and Conditioner first!

Next up to purchase: The Weightless Shine Leave in Conditioner and The Working Texture Loose Styling Powder.

xx, Chandler

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