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Kristin Ess Hair: Out of the Shower

The Weightless Shine Working Serum

I love this before I blow dry my hair! It adds such a nice light moisture, shine and silkiness to the hair. I also use this on my hair when it is dry to take down the puffiness, frizz and to just overall smooth down my hair. The last use I have for it is on second, third or fourth day hair to add that little extra ‘life’ look to my hair when it looks dull. It has a silky, glossy serum feel. It reminds me a lot of Biosilk that I used to use on my hair. It really gives a nice shine and while my Gisou oil is sitting pretty at home, I have been using this to keep my hair healthy. I focus this mainly on the ends since that is where I see and feel the most damage.

The Instant Lift Thickening Spray

I would say this is like a mousse but in a spray. Volumizing but weightless at the same time. I personally love this before I blow dry my hair, when it is damp. Then I blow dry with my hair flipped upside-down for the most volume on the roots. A must try for volume seekers. I notice that when I use it, my hair truly does have more volume but it doesn’t create any product build up or make my hair dirtier or greasier faster. And also don’t think of this only giving you volume the one day that you use it and blow dry your hair. No it lasts until you shower again.

The Style Assist Blow Dry Mist

This product might honestly be my favorite after-shower product from Kristin Ess (so far)! As someone who blowdries her hair every single time I wash my hair, and as someone who’s hair takes years to air dry or blow dry, cutting that time down is amazing. And that is exactly what this blow dry mist does! So what this product does is cuts down your drying time. It is pure magic. It also detangles, adds shine, and makes blowing out your hair easy. I can attest to that 100%. Instead of my normal 45 minute blow drying period, it has now been cut to 20-30 minutes depending on how long I have my hair air dry. Either way I can actually tell a difference when I use this product! This product also contains the zip up technology that all of her other products also use.

My must have for the post shower products would have to be the blow dry mist. As a gal who HATES blow drying her hair because it takes so freaking long, this stuff cuts the drying time in half. Not kidding.

Each individually is amazing in their own way. Kristin Ess did an amazing job with the entire line. The Working Serum is weightless and nourishing, and the Thickening Spray gives your hair amazing volume without the weight.

Next up to purchase: The Weightless Shine Leave in Conditioner and The Working Texture Loose Styling Powder.

xx, Chandler

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