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UO Oud Sahara

Notes _ bergamot · exotic wood · vanilla


Introducing _ Oud Sahara.

Sofie Uh (aka the fragrance connoisseur) knows fragrance like no other person I know/follow on Instagram. She posted about this fragrance on her Instagram and said, “An earthy and smoky rendition of oud- it’s gorgeous and actually really long lasting!
Notes include: Bergamot, Exotic Wood and Vanilla
This combo mimics the scent profile of oud, and I could not be more impressed by it.”

Immediately sold.

When I tried it out on myself I could smells the notes of vanilla and oud but also the smokiness of the fragrance. Now, I’m not claiming to know a lot about fragrance but thought I would share a great affordable one. It lasts long, smells great. Urban Outfitters made a great fragrance with this one. Buy it here!

I also love the Lait de Coco (Notes _ bergamot · vanilla praline · creamy coconut) for the summer season. The next UO fragrances I want to try out is the Cote des Palmes (Notes _ fresh cut melon · breezy palm · vanilla flower) and the Sel Ocean (Notes _ honeysuckle · muguet · pink sea salt).

xx, Chandler

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