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Peace Out Acne Dots

Do you ever just get a spot that you wish you could just cover up and it would go away? I have and now on the market there are so many different versions of little dots you pop on your blemish, sleep on it, take it off the next morning and your blemish should be gone. I tried out the Peace Out Acne Healing Dots ($20) from Sephora to see how it battled my acneic skin.

These little dots have hydrocolloid technology combined with blemish fighting actives. So in normal words, salicylic acid to clean out the pore and get rid of that gross bacteria, vitamin A to increase cell turnover, and aloe vera to soothe the skin.Hydrocolloid technology “extracts impurities while creating a protective barrier that guards against external irritants”. It is honestly a new technology to me.

These little dots promise your blemish to be less red, less painful and significantly less irritating if you wear for the suggested 6 hours.

I’ve actually used the entire box already and unfortunately these little dots didn’t work for me because of the type of blemish I get. These are great for white heads, which I had one or two of where it pulled the junk out of my skin, but the blemishes I 90% of the time get on my face are the ones that are under the skin, super painful to the touch and stay for a while until it either goes away, or surfaces. And these little dots are not for that type of blemish.

I also noticed the next day when I put on makeup, that you could visibly see little circle lines where the dots were through my makeup and there was nothing I could do to get the circles to look less visible or to remove them completely.

If you are wanting to try out acne dots, there are so many options on the market now. CosRx (a korean skincare brand) has a hydrocolloid dot ($6), Peach and Lily’s brand Peach Slices has dots that also have the hydrocolloid tech ($5) and Peter Thomas Roth also has dots that have salicylic acid and tea tree oil ($30).

Depending on the blemish you are trying to fight, these can be great, but for me they were a bust.

xx, Chandler

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