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Drunk Elephant Minis

I love a good mini set. You’re able to try new products, see if you like them all before making the plunge buying the full size. Two mini sets that I’ve loved are this one and this one.

Anyway, Drunk Elephant is a popular brand that is a line with a more elevated price tag. So these mini sets are awesome to let you try before you drop a chunk of change. I will say that these products, of what I’ve tried, are completely worth the money.

I was actually gifted this set by my beautiful friend and it is the “Hit It Off” Duo which includes the Beste cleanser and La La Retro whipped moisturizer.

You know how much I love my Milky Jelly Cleanser so I was hesitant about trying this Beste cleanser. But I was pleasantly surprised at the feel of this cleanser. It starts as a “Gelee” that is deep cleaning, non striping, hydrating and lightly lathers. I actually love this cleanser and will be buying the cleanser when I am needing a new one!

Next in the set is the La La Retro Whipped Cream moisturizer. This moisturizer is super hydrating and rich. If you have normal or dry skin, this will be a skin savior. It is a moisturizer including 6 whipped oils. For combo oily skin, the Protini moisturizer from Drunk Elephant is probably more suitable because it is more lightweight.

I really liked this set and because of it I found a new top shelf cleanser!

xx, Chandler

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