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Farmacy Skincare

Do you have a skincare brand lust list? A list of brands that you are dying to try out or to try more of?

No? Yes? Either way, I do and Farmacy is on the list along with Drunk Elephant, Tatcha and Dr. Dennis Gross to name a few. So when I saw on Gilt that they were doing an amazing deal on Farmacy, I hat to try a couple products for 50% off.

Farmacy was on my brand lust list because of the science and quality behind each of their products. They use natural ingredients along with science to provide amazing skincare with benefits. They use Echinacea GreenEnvy (really high in antioxidants) along with natural ingredients, clean formulas, that are locally grown and produced. Overall, Farmacy products are high quality and are highly raved about.

I decided to pick up the raved about Honey Potion Mask, the Honey Drop Moisturizer and the Allure Best of Beauty Award winner: Green Clean Cleansing Balm.

Basically I wanted to try out all of their best sellers.

Anyway so starting off with the Honey Potion Mask … I love this mask. I actually have it on as I write this post. I think of it as honey-skin gold since it is full of beneficial honey, propolis and royal jelly along with Echinacea GreenEnvy, glycerin and B vitamins. It kind of does it all, it purifies, and hydrates the skin and the mask is packed with skin benefitting anti-oxidents to overhaul the skin.

What I wasn’t expecting with this mask was the warming sensation you get when you massage the mask in (per the instructions). It turns into this white/green color and just feels super luxurious and nice for the 15 minutes you have it on. Every time I use this mask, when I take it off my skin is left hydrated, plump, purified and treated well.

As for the Green Clean Cleansing Balm, this one may have turned me into a cleansing balm gal. This one is super light and silky and super effective. It really takes on the name of being a “melt away” cleansing balm because it just melts into the skin and easily removes makeup, even layered on mascara. I love it because it doesn’t leave any residue or film on the skin. It has Echinacea GreenEnvy, oils, moringa tree extract to remove impurities and papaya extract that helps exfoliate the skin. Consider me converted to a first cleanse with a balm or cleansing oil.

Lastly for the Honey Drop Moisturizer, this moisturizer is lightweight, hydrating and leaves the skin feeling soft. This moisturizer probably isn’t for people with dry or normal skin types, but I feel it is best for combination oily skin. It has Echinacea GreenEnvy, a Hyaluronic Acid complex to hydrate the skin, and cupuaçu butter beads to keep the skin soft and hydrated day. I like this moisturizer especially for during the warmer months where I prefer my moisturizer to be lighter weight.

Overall, Farmacy products have lived up to the hype and are worth the money. High quality ingredients with powerful science in each product to benefit your skin is what I look for in my skincare.

Next on my list: The Green Screen Mineral Sunscreen

xx, Chandler

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