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Glossier Rep-iversary + Giveaway!

I’m so excited because April is my official Glossier Rep Anniversary! It has been exactly 1 year of being a Glossier Rep and I still am just as excited and happy to be able to rep a brand that I wholeheartedly stand behind and believe in and love. Thank you for reading my posts (Glossier + non Glossier), buying product through me, asking me for advice on products to buy or just telling me how much you love Glossier period. So thank you.

To celebrate I am going to talk about my 5 Glossier Must-Haves! Yes it will be ranked (1 being the ultimate product) so lets just do this thing. I wear/use all of these products every. single. day. and these have been constant products in my life for the past year. Repurchasing on repurchasing has happened with these products all year and I have extra of each just in case I run out. So let’s start with 5…

5 // Boy Brow — I love boy brow! Boy brow is something I use by itself on lighter makeup days and along with a brow pencil on days where I want a more structured, groomed eyebrow. (yes there is a difference.) Either way on all days, I use boy brow to hold my crazy brows in place, adding color and just keeping them looking like a real brow. I make sure to backcomb the more sparse areas of my brow to make them look more full and like there isn’t a spot. I use shades Blonde and Brown. Brown mainly in the winter because I love a contrasting deeper brow and Blonde all other times of the year.

4 // Stretch Concealer — This concealer is my favorite concealer because it is light, creamy, blends well, is hydrating and it is my favorite for under my eyes. (Concealer looks really cakey really fast under there.) You can also really sheer down the product, or build up the coverage a little bit without it looking cakey. But don’t let the oils in the product scare you away, I find that this does not break me out at all and actually blends into my skin better than other concealers I’ve tried because of the oils and hydrating aspects of this concealer. And when you set it with powder, it is set for the day. I use the shade Light.

3 // Haloscope — My everyday highlighter! I use the shade Quartz every. single. day. because it blends in so well to the skin and looks like you’re skin is really just glowing. But don’t think this can’t be intense, it can, because it is buildable. I have all three and during the summer I sometimes use all 3. Topaz, a deeper bronze golden shade as a bronzer (almost), Moonstone on my brow bone and on the bridge of my nose for that “sweaty” glow (to me moonstone has a blueish reflect) and Quartz everywhere (it looks good on everybody). During the summer I use Quartz on my cheekbones, cupids bow and above my brow. I’ll even put it on my collar bones and shoulders.

2 // Priming Moisturizer Rich — This moisturizer has been my go-to (almost) since it launched. The moisturizer is rich, super super luxurious, it sinks in nicely, has a light lavender scent, and I swear by. If my skin is ever freaking out, I know this product has my back. It is rich in fatty acids and ceramides to keep skin healthy and locks in moisture throughout the time you have it on your skin. It just melts into your skin and feels amazing. I think it is for all skin types and my combo oily skin just loves this. It is not greasy and has an anti redness complex an oxygenating agent to calm and plump the skin. I may try new moisturizers from time to time but this is one I know will always work for me.

1 // Milky Jelly — The jackpot. My holy grail, top shelf, ultimate cleanser. I have been using this for a year and a half coming up on 2 years and wow has it been life changing. The texture of this cleanser is crazy. It is soft on the skin and hydrating, and cleanses the skin perfectly without stripping the skin. I almost can’t put into words what this cleanser is and how I feel about it. Consider me speechless. It is gentle enough to open your eyes when washing your face, but removes all makeup, dirt and grime. It is calming, soothing and just perfect. I use it on dry and wet skin, morning and night, and it leaves my skin perfect for the next step.

When I recommend Glossier products it truly is because I stand behind the products.

Because I listed products I love, I’ll give you some products that you might love, ones that I’ve purchased and tried but might not buy again. Solution (read this post here for why) because it broke me out and it didn’t do anything that it claimed it would for me. Priming Moisturizer because to me it isn’t anything super special and I am not a fan of the smell and how long it takes me to work it in. The Lip Gloss because I find it very thick, which can be good but it isn’t necessarily my thing. The Moisturizing Moon Mask because of the smell and I didn’t find it did anything. The Mega Greens Galaxy Mask because after the first few uses, I found it didn’t do much for me and when it was pulling crap out of my pores, the blemish it left behind would last a few days. Super glow because if you buy a vitamin C serum, make sure it is strong and this didn’t do anything for me.

Lastly lets do a few “I’m on the fence products”. I would say The Supers as a whole, even though I love a few (I love Super Bounce and Super Pure) the bottles are just so tiny! They don’t last long. I just wish they put them in a regular 1 ounce bottle. The Generation G Lipsticks because I love the formula but the tube cracks and breaks if you carry it with you in your purse to much. Lastly, Wowder. I really enjoy the formula but the shade range isn’t the best because the lightest shade is too dark for me when I’m at my palest. I still use it but only when I’m tanner and or when I’m wearing a higher neck top.

Lastly it is giveaway time!

I am going to be giving away 2 of the products that are in my top 5 favorite Glossier products!

Yay! So that would include Milky Jelly, Priming Moisturizer Rich, Haloscope, Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow!

Who knows, maybe I’ll throw in something fun as a bonus!

So to enter the giveaway:

  1. Follow my instagram: @chandlerhennelly
  2. Comment on this photo of the top 5 products which 2 you want to win.
  3. The giveaway will end on April 27th and I will reach out to the winner that day!

Extra entries:

  1. Follow my beauty instagram: @somethingblissfulbeauty = 1 extra entry
  2. Comment on my blog (on this giveaway’s post) = 1 extra entry
  3. place an order using my glossier page, then dm me on either instagram or comment on my blog telling me that you placed an order and what you’re trying out 🙂 = 7 extra entries

xx, Chandler

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