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Friday Five

I found the idea for this series on Gemary’s blog and it reminded me of my friend Samantha McNeil’s “This week in 5” series! But I wanted to add another day of content to my usual posting schedule so now I will be posting on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. I played around with other days, but because the days I already post, Friday just seemed to work the best!

Basically this “Friday Five” series is to highlight random things, things I have been loving, things I did that week, whatever etc!

1.I went to a local brewery’s 2 year anniversary celebration and had an amazing day with friends and beer. It was insanely busy but I am honestly so glad that a new small business is thriving near school.

2. I have been loving my melatonin gummies recently. The brand I have been using (and that I just repurchased) are from Olly. Since I have trouble staying asleep and getting a full nights rest (which I desperately need) I have been taking melatonin gummies to help me go and stay asleep. It truly has been a game changer for me. I’ve tried many different forms of melatonin but the Olly brand melatonin is just different. I know melatonin can get a bad rep because of people having crazy dreams when they take it or feel groggy the next day, but in my opinion it is all about the amount you are taking and if it is just melatonin or melatonin + something else. (I prefer a lower dose of melatonin… too high and sometimes I get crazy dreams too).

3. My friend Ariana just got a baby pug and she is the cutest thing ever! We drove to Wilmington, NC to pick her up and I miss her already even though I saw her little face today.

4. I also just finished working High Point Furniture Market and wow are my feet are happy to not be standing all day, but I truly will miss working at Schwung! I’m hoping to run into some of the people who worked there the next time I go to Europe (since they are all from Europe and are a company based in Poland).

5. I just finished my last final to wrap up my classes! Now to graduate in a week!

xx, Chandler

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