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Friday Five

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!!! But I have been so busy with senior week festivities and graduation that I have just put posting on the back burner for a little bit.

Anyway, I still have time for a new Friday Five.

1. I took graduation photos! It made me feel so old but ready to graduate.

2. We went on a wine tour for our senior week at Childress Vineyard in North Carolina. It was a gorgeous day and perfect to be drinking a little rose or white wine (or the whole bottle).

3. My friends and I went to Print Works Bistro in Greensboro, North Carolina for brunch and I loved it. We had the cinnamon rolls, a couple of mimosas, cappuccinos, and I had the breakfast sandwich. All was amazing.

4. My family also showed up to North Carolina before my graduation! We went to Brown Truck Brewery in High Point and the following day we went to Winston Salem to Dogwood Hops and Crops, Crafted for margaritas and a restaurant for dinner.

5. At Dogwood Hops and Crops I found a cider that I love! Well two actually that are completely different from each other. A lighter one was the Peckham’s cider with feijoa and the other was the Bold Rock rose cider.

xx, Chandler

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