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Dior Nail Glow












l i k e

l i p g l o s s

f o r

y o u r

n a i l s











I don’t know if anyone deals with the same nail polish struggle as I do, but if you do, know you’re not alone.

Nail polish just will not stay on my nails. Sometimes on day 1, same day of painting them, and they chip. The whole nail bed of nail polish will peel off and honestly, I’m OVER it.

I do not have the money to make bi monthly gel nailpolish appointments, and I may try to do the at home gel, but right now I’m just completely discouraged. So when I read on Into The Gloss about this “lipgloss for your nails” nail polish, I knew I had to get it. There it is: Dior Nail Glow. I love sheer tints, light colors, the barely there look and that is what this nailpolish gives me.

3 layers and we go a little into the purple hued pink but 1 or two coats and I am set. And I don’t even notice when it does chip! It is a miracle.

Why has no one created something like this before? And if you have the same problem as me, what do you do?




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